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  • RE: [ANN] Falcon Burst Pool

    @haitch As an update, I'm happy to report that @TalonPower sent me the coins he took out thinking I'd closed the pool.

    Thanks @TalonPower

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    @rds yep - I'm running the online ones on 2053 and 2083 - but anything CF supports would be fine for me

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    Whatever @talonpower. If you'd responded to my Discord Message, or the Contact us form I submitted, or come to the forum, you'd have know I was swapping ISPs and need you to change your DNS. If you want to message me I can still send it to you and we can bring the pool back online. I wasn't out to be a "saviour", just didn't want your miners getting screwed over by a pool I operate.

    And like I said, if you're not going to respond to "you need to change DNS or the pool is going down", why would I expect you to respond to "give the Burst back" ?

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    @talonpower Yeah, I posted in Discord that if you said the PoCC was ass fucking me without lube again, I'd kick you in the nuts and off my servers. So it wasn't if you don't do this, it was if you speak to me like that again I'd kick you off.

    You were messaged that the pool was changing IP, and to contact me so I could give it to you. Instead you went off to your Discord and caused the drama.

    So after seeing: "i will not bullied into $hit, the pool is dead as far as i am concerned he held me hostage for too long"

    So seeing as the pool was "dead" to you, and seeing as you'd taken all the miners earnings, I paid them out and shutdown the pool. You hadn't responded to my messages about changing your DNS so the pool could return to operation, why would I ever expect a response to "Give the Burst back" ?

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  • RE: Maintenance

    And perfect timing on the change of ISPs - Charter who I was formerly with appears to be down for most of southern WI ...... ;-)

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  • RE: NAS mining

    @marc If the boxes have a 1Gb network link, and support Samba/SMB for file sharing, they just appear as network shares you can map to and plot/mine.

    The eSata ones it's going to vary - some have a built in expander, and one eSata cable from the PC to the box and it'll show up as local drives; other require the addition ov PCIe card expander in the PC.

    Don't do RAID if possible, just plain JBOD.

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  • RE: [ANN] Falcon Burst Pool

    @talonpower I can't get back the Contact Us message I sent you via your website - the one that told you I was changing ISPs and the DNS needs to be changed. I don't want a fight with you, I don't have any beef with you. If I did why did I keep the pool running? Why did I pay your pool and miners when your pool mined fake blocks? And when you cleaned out the pool account?

    I tried to inform you, get some dialogue with you, you ignored the attempts. If you want the pool running again, I'm happy to restart it - but we need some dialogue about the required changes. The message from 12/25 - I told you I wanted to get along and continue business as usual - you failed to respond to that, or any other attempts to talk with you. I haven't charged you anything to run your pool, trusted you with my private address that if leaks will lead to more DDoS attacks, personally paid your pool shortfalls, but I'm the drama causing asshole ......

    Yes, I asked about getting on your Discord as given I was your largest investor it was wrong to leave me in the dark - but what ever. , I hold no enmity, but would appreciate an assurance my swap will be honored.

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  • RE: [ANN] Falcon Burst Pool

    @talonpower I'm not itching for drama - the complete opposite - did I do anything to the pool after you decided I was the spawn of the devil? Check your "Contact Us" messages off of the TalonPower website, I can't access what was sent but there were a couple of messages sent informing you I was switching ISPs; the Maintenance post here and other posts saying I was switching ISPs.

    I thought I also included the infor in this email thread:


    But apparently neglected to. That's "itching for drama" ?

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  • RE: [ANN] Falcon Burst Pool

    @talonpower "until you talk to me" So I can give you the new pool IP. The pool was down since around noon yesterday when the ISP link was swapped. You also failed to post the message I sent you on your website telling you that the DNS was going to need to be changed. I posted here that I needed to talk to you to get the DNS changed, but you weren't responding to my messages. Maintenance Post

    You also clipped off the previous post from me in that screen cap: " Haitch - 12/25/2017
    I never called you a liar or thief, and saying I was was about to get ass fucked by rico doesn't qualify as a joke
    not quite sure where this misunderstanding between us started, but I'd be happy to end it and carry on business as usuaul."

    You get paid out from the pool fees account, not the pool account - I'll leave it to your miners to judge that.

    I've messaged you privately - nada response, I've PM'd you on Discord - nada response. I don't want to fight with you, your post that kicked off this apparent feud was 2 months ago - did I do anything to your pool since then? No I tried to inform you that the DNS needed to change because I was swapping ISP and you totally ignored any message from me.

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  • RE: [ANN] Falcon Burst Pool

    Apparently @falconCoin is not willing to talk to me to get the DNS for the pool changed after my ISP switch, so FalconCoin pool is apparently dead, and Falcon is instead accusing me of holding the pool hostage. This is not true - I've messaged him a couple of times about switching the IP with no response, and this was apparently a post of his today:

    "Talon Dev - Yesterday at 4:33 PM
    @tminer03315 look at what @Focus posted

    you saw exactly what is going on between us, he turned you guys off because i wont let him in this discord

    i will not bullied into $hit, the pool is dead as far as i am concerned
    he held me hostage for too long"

    After seeing this, I was going to wait for the pool to payout all the miners then shut it down. However, Falcon cleaned out the pool wallet, so the miners weren't going to get paid what they were owed. So I topped up the pool wallet with my own funds, and all miners have now been paid.

    So if you're on the pool, you need to swap pools.

    You're all more than welcome to join one of mine:


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