I am happy today that I can make an announcement for all to clearly see the very bright future. Everything is working fine so far (Im working almost 24/7 with only a couple of 3 hours of sleep day max, but I know that in the end its not for me but for the community as a whole, and good things are coming to all of us in the very near future, I can promise that. There is BIG things in the News which will be released very soon, including Videos I am currently working on, new Website Projects, new Developers hired which Im currently in VERY Close talks on a daily Basis, but guess what, thats not all! There is also Big Investors Money coming in, new contracts Close to be signed, etc, the future is bright.

Im currently in the process of searching the web for some reliable Pictures of some silver Barrels, please add me to the channel as Id want to be important too.

In the very few time left for me not working for the coin I spent my time getting dildod by a good friend of mine which I very much enjoy, the rest were searching for Investment ideas, mainly waltnut farms at the Moment.

U mofos out there know who you are and if I ever met my ginny granting me two wishes first is eternal third degree hemorrhoids for all of you, second for all the other dont fall to this scum.