Hi @FrilledShark , Can you add my Pool On spreadsheet ?? Thanks a lot BurstPool.cloud - The Pool for Small Miners and Big Miners Pool url: http://burstpool.cloud Port: 8124 Type: Based off https://github.com/burstpay/burst-pool (burstpay's burst-pool v4) Pool info: DDos Protection Minimum payout is 20 Burst. Payment is instant when pool has positive balance. No Deadline (is 315576000000 so we can consider that we don't have a Deadline. ( Also small miner can mine) Penality -0.001 Pool fee is 0.75% Transaction fee is 1 BURST (or the minimum that is required by the network) Pool Type 50/50% Share value reduction is 50% per block Block Maturity is 1 If the pool on current round does not find a block, miners shares are keep (up to 500 blocks), but their value is reduced by 50% everytime we do not find a block. When the pool has positive balance, all the shares are summed up. The burst payments are proportional to the total share miners own at this time. The payment is only sent the block has 1 confirmations