Weekly Summary (2018.01.15)

Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet
Discord Server: Discord Invite

Total shares sold: 50000
Market movement: 5 (since last week) shares changed hands.

News: This week was fairly uneventful.

As expected a lot of altcoins is going down in price and overall market is kinda chaotic.

Biggest impact will be done by XP going down in price. But if it holds current levels should generate similar gains as BITB.

NET coins is slowly being converted into BTC. Initial plan to get about 0.6 BTC might not come true as it got affected by overall decrease in prices. But i am not rushing it and will still try to sell above 55 sats if possible. So far from the part that got converted some got invested in another 100 000 FLT coins. Might try to get some more. The rest will be somehow transported to Bittrex and converted into BITB.

Total asset value has decreased but still close to 130k $ (please keep in mind there is ~0.5 BTC on exchange due to NET conversion thus its not reflected in any of the wallets). With two weeks left until month end it will be interesting to see which way altcoins going to go.

ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
-- LithStud