Shoud I plot many times or just once ?

  • Hi,

    I have two disks , I ploted one and it took many days .

    So my question is : Can I just copy the file from disk 1 and put it in disk 2 to start mining , or should I plot disk 2 too with plotgenerator ?


  • @portabli Every disk have his own plot files, generated for that disk, you cant copy/paste it to another disk, it will say that you have a duplicate.

    I have plotted before 2 disks at the same time, one time it worked without problem, the other time I had to change one of the disks letter and start the process all over again.

    So from now on I only plot 1 disk at a time, it takes forever (24 hours or so) but at least I know that at the end I can mine with my disk, without errors.

  • @portabli You can plot the 2 disks at the same time but i would recomend in split those disks in 2 or 3 plots if they are big and keep your sttagger low... for me it worked and you should take longer to do the plot but these time you are doing two at the same time

  • I was able to copy and paste a burst plot, and changing the plot number, it doesnt give me the error message.

  • admin

    @caligiuri It might not error out - but it isn't working. The nonces are unique - copying a file and renaming it will generate invalid deadlines/

  • @haitch Yep, you are right, I just figured it out. I was wondering why I wasn't getting very many burstcoin, now I know, only wasted weeks not getting very many. Now I have my 3 video cards plotting at 60000 nonces, yay, I wish I wasn't always looking for a shortcut, cause this costed me a lot of time and money.