FrilledShark's Lending Service - Both Big & Small - Get your loan here!

  • I have opened an lending service on and didn't want you guys to miss out. I will only be lending in Bitcoin, because that is what Margin's funds are placed in.

    If you want to see the remaining funds you can check here.


    • I can deny your loan for any reason
    • You need to include valid collateral, which value is as stated in the "Accepted collateral" section.
    • Rates are negotiable, but load above or equal to 7 days is applied a starting rate of 1%.
    • The max loan period is 21 days, after repayment you can apply for a new loan.
    • Loans will be applied an extra 0.5% each day after due date if I haven't received payment.
    • After due date, I own all right to your collateral.
    • You can only have 1 valid loan at a time, spread across multiple services.
    • You will be given 1 out of 3 address to repay to. Failure to do so, will require an additional 5% fee.
    • Any chat log between you and I isn't private without asking for privacy.
    • I can change any terms without any further notice, changes may apply to ongoing loans.
    • You will be added to the ledger on

    When asking for a loan, you agree to the terms listed above.

    Accepted collateral includes but not limited to:

    • Stable altcoins accepted at lowest price in: 1 day 125%, 3 days 120%, 7 days 110% or 30 days 100%
    • Burstcoin assets, by me or the team. 100% of sell price.
    • Other types of collateral. Min 125%
    • Full member accounts and up with no negative trust will be considered valid collateral. (Bitcointalk)

    Collateral is held by either me or a trusted escrow paid by lender. The bigger the collateral thus lower the rate.

    Extra information:
    1: Amounts above 0.1 BTC can take up to 1 day to process.
    2: You can request up to the max remaining, doing so may require an additional fee on repayment date.
    3: The loan amount will be withdrawn from Margin's fund and 90% of the fees will be sent to the asset holders.


    **Repay amount:**
    **Repayment date:**
    **Loan address:**

  • Repayment address:

    You will be given an address when I accept the loan. Failure to do you will result in a 5% fine.
    Address 1: 188ixcyZapTJHVLVMfyYoBRcXKhFg29gdu
    Address 2: 1Fkai9pbZv1C2bckXUQy9PtTxWhnLyvKiK
    Address 3: 1Cjrd2pZuRTPnsFnxLkVbA8E8ceaByF8MU
    -----BEGIN SIGNATURE-----

  • I won't keep this thread updated, but you are welcome to post the lending application here anyway. If you want to view the updated thread it is visible here:

    I will also support loans in Burst if that is your deal. It is not always it is possible, but we will always work something out.