thstake asset update...hyperstake

  • Just a quick update. Sales have been very good over the past couple of days. I was just able to sell off 717,xxx to purchase 836,xxx HYP (Hyperstake).

    Hyperstake is considered by most to be the highest return staking coin out there, and we were able to purchase almost 0.4 BTC worth. They stake slow, but we should start to see some good returns in the future.

  • Thanks for the update! Good to know!

  • @tomahawkeer can you give me a very rough prediction for the next return in Bps (burst per share)

  • @ddos would basically have to take the total stakes ive gotten so far, and figure similar results between now and the next div date. Hyperstake would be very hard to predict, because the majority of what is in the wallet is still maturing and wont be able to start staking for another 6 days. Regardless I would have to calculate everything out for every coin like I do at the end of the month and figure that as like 1/3 of the stakes it would receive and go from there.

    Just throwing some numbers out there. .5 to 1.0 per share. Its really hard to tell. We still don't have anything staked in DMD other than what I opened the wallet with (those are the next to get deposits), and hyperstake is still a week away from being mature. Bitbeans is very consistent, as well as hyp and net, OK is a little more sparse, however its worth a little more. I am hoping for more, and obviously the more shares we get sold the more coins we can get bought. Hope that gives an idea.

  • I think once everything is sold, it would be closer to 1.5 to 3 per share, however a lot would still depend on luck, and exchange values. If the price of burst sky rockets it would obviously be less unless the stakes coins value rose as well.