• Greetings my burst teachers. i came up with the idea of cloning my hdd the one i stored with plots. so in order to avoid re plotting. is it ok to clone my plots using cloning software and then mind afterwards. because when i plot it takes only 1-2hrs of my 600GB to process cloning. so what do u think? is this ok ?

  • @Trimac if you clone one HDD to another and then mine both, you are wasting space because it is the same files

  • I'll tell you that yes, you can clone fresh un-mined plots from hard drive to hard drive. You can rename the starting numbers so they don't overlap.

    Do NOT

    After mining for awhile or even a day the plot will and YES they will go bad. I have finally realized that I ignored everyone else's warning from a year ago because I thought it worked and saved me plotting time. I only have a dual core so plotting takes awhile. That is why I came up with the two plot sizes I will use from now one to fill drives. 440gb and 880gb.

    I just received another 8tb drive replacement from seagate and plan to plot each file out over the next month. I don't care how long it takes because the system I started 2 weeks ago has yielded some steady mining without the headaches of corrupted plots.

    I forgot to mention the only plots left are the originals from my 1st 8tb drive. Those will be replaced eventually with my new plot size system.

  • Don't mine with the same files. That's the same as overlapping and is just a waste of space. You need to have original plots for every plot, no 2 of the same!

    You can read more about it here: