• Please don't donate, im the owner and we moving to a bigger project including burst and qora, we still deliver all but we need more time and crowdfunding money won't be needed.

    Thanks for supporting and sorry for the issue.

  • admin

    I already donated, hope you reach your goal!
    Maybe use this thread to show us some progress etc. could be a good promotion.


  • Re: BrazilianTeam
    Like i said, we are working on a bigger project. Most of people don't like cloud mining because all the scams running, im starting a real service with some partners, a legit one and we add support to burst and qora cause we believe the coins have a great future, anyway we mine btc and just convert on exchanges, but i think some volume can help the coins to grow.

    Once i get some free time i'll still deliver the things i said in crowdfunding, thats why i said to don't donate. We using burst assets on the company and we want to say keep up the good work.

    Ill ask some friends to make a mining guide in portuguese soon, cause im not a youtube guy, once we launch the service ill make some marketing saying why we believe in the coins.

    All i have to say is thanks to BURST, even if most of people think cloudmine is a scam, once i started this crowdfunding i see i have some great potential to create things. Even if my company dont work at all, ill repay the comunity for it.