[ANN] BCapital

  • Name: BCapital

    Asset ID: 11657505881616038798
    Asset Issuer: BURST-678P-2EXR-GN4X-4DT9P
    Supply: 100'000 (98'000 will be sold)
    Asset Decimals: 0
    Dividends: monthly
    Initial release price: 10 BURST / asset

    BCapital understands itself as an investment fund which invests into several BURST assets.
    The fund will only exist on the BURST blockchain and invest in assets and projects on the BURST blockchain.

    The main purpose of the fund is to bring more attention to the asset exchange (AE) as well as a diversification of assets.

    BCapital will basically buy a specific amount of BURST assets (see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OSuUdnCmszi8AnXfSDh0Xz5fO3CGSBUXZmnzkZiXnVs for more details), hold them, receive their dividends and than send the dividends minus the 20% (which are reinvested), minus 8% (for various BURST campaings [signature campaigns, crowdfunds, banners etc] and minus 2% (management fee) to the asset holders.
    From the received dividends, 70% are directly paid out to the asset holders.

    This asset is my personal one and not related to my function as a BURST team member.


  • So you made an asset that invests in assets?

  • @ddos

    Exactly, that's how most funds work.
    It will invest in current assets and projects as well as in upcoming projects. That's why 20% are unallocated.

    You may ask now: why not directly invest in these assets (without BCapital)?
    At first, I diversify my portfolio. See the spreadsheet in the OP for details.
    If one assets stops paying out that is not a tragedy. The other assets will absorb the loss. Of course they won't catch up everything but you won't have a 100% loss though.

    The other side is that 8% are going to the BURST ecosystem.
    This will be used for various promotional projects like marketing, banners, signatures etc.

    To sum up, I can say that you are still receiving the dividends from the assets while helping the BURST system becoming bigger. I think that's a pretty good deal. You get dividends and with 8% we are helping BURST becoming much more popular.

    Edit: Thanks @ the first buyer 🙂

  • I guess having an asset investing in assets makes more sense than putting a car in a car so you can drive while you're driving 🙂

  • So your asset is quite similar to the Vector asset then, I presume? It's a good idea to have assets whose sole purpose is to promote the ecosystem. 🙂

  • I wholeheartedly support b457 in his endeavor, he is a trusted member of the BURST team, doxxed and signed on our NDA.

    Welcome to the world of BURST assets, b457!

    To anyone who doesn't know. b457 is BURST's CCO (Chief Content Officer)


  • Hello guys,

    sorry that was no information regarding the asset this week.
    I was very busy and there even was an emergency this weekend, so I couldn't even log in here and watch the AE.
    I will continue working on the asset tomorrow and I will also post more information regarding the transparency of the asset.

    Thank you crowetic for your kind words! 🙂

  • @b457 Man you have not updated this for a while... Lucky games asset has coming down almost 2 weeks ago with the beggining of BurstGames, so you can check out your Lucky Games at exactly the same price that you buyed... I'm really sorry, i personally hold some of this assets and i'd like if that money could make some money in any other asset instead of being stopped there?! Thanks man

  • When will the dividends be paid?

  • This post is deleted!

  • It's been almost a month since the last update, and @b457 has not shown any sign of life on the forum...
    @crowetic maybe you can clarify a bit the situation if you are in touch with him ?

  • No news for a while. I'd be wary about buying into this asset. Looks like I lost my investment.

  • @Jman I don't think any of us loose our investments since the asset issuer account has burst balance and there are assets in there... But yeah would feel good some update of @b457 and some dividend payment...

  • @gpedro Thanks for clarifying that. Maybe he's just having personal problems.

  • admin

    maybe he has such nice vacations that he forgot about us. 😮

  • @daWallet hope not?! xD

  • maybe the price increase will wake him up 😉

  • I've gotten contact from b457 in the chat. He asked me to relay a message, which I will do shortly. He's around, but he's locked out of his forum account, so he'll need to regain access to it.

    I'll post his message here shortly.

  • @crowetic Any news?

  • Here is B457's message to you all...

    Dear all,
    at first I need to apologize for my lack of communication in the last weeks.
    This has several reasons, which I'll explain now.
    I was on vacation for a few days and when I came back, I wanted to process the dividends.
    But it went different than expected.
    I got very sick when I came back. Therefore I needed to go to a hospital and I was there for some time but my
    health status was getting worse every hour. The doctors told me that I had a serious
    virus infection. They tried to help me but nothing really helped.
    But after some time my health status could be stabilized.
    Than they released me, so I could go home and there I finally recovered.
    This was last week and dividends should be paid at the weekend of the 17./18.
    But because of my sickness I had a huge delay in time and yesterday I held a presentation.
    As everyone knows a presentation needs a lot of preparation and I spent my whole weekend for that.
    But why did I spent so much time for just a presentation?
    The answer is simple: The presentation was (partly) about our BURST.
    I presented in front of great people and I wanted that everything went perfect.
    But now the part that is interesting and of course important! Dividends will be paid this weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
    FYI: I met very interesting people and made some nice contacts at the conference, where I held the presentation, and I think they could really
    help us with BURST.
    TL;DR: The reason for my lack of communication was that I got really sick but payments will be done this weekend.
    I'm sorry about the inconveniences and I will think about a solution so that this kind of problem doesn't
    occur in the future anymore. Maybe I'll give access to the account to a trusted member of the BURST team but
    I'll talk about it with the others.
    Sorry again!