Crowd Funding error

  • I have been unable to start a crowdfunding. no matter what i do it wont let me send the transaction and i am in need of setting up a crowd funding. if i cant get this to work Mad Science Online will go dark and i would prefer to avoid that at all costs.

  • @mouse_rr maybe your account don't have any funds ?? for do the CrowdFunding you will need 10 Burstcoin!

  • @JohnathanMoura I have more than sufficient funds in my wallet, the error i keep getting doesnt explain what the problem is so i have no way to know what is going wrong. I made sure the title met the requirements, the description was less than 500 words and i regularly use the account i had the cf set to start under so the account is valid as far as i can telll from this end. This is something of an emergency and if I cant get it figured out and working i will have to go offline.

  • admin

    I remember there was issues with special chars etc. maybe thats the issue.

  • @luxe i can post a copy of what i used here if it would help but it was just standard text. is there a limit on the goal or a special format that needs to be used?

  • admin

    Can't you look at existing crowdfunds, and maybe see what is your issue ... too long text or other things they don't have?

    If you want more help, yes, you should provide details here, even if i can not realy help, i never did a crowdfund but maybe @daWallet or @crowetic can?!

  • i got 1 test to go through, i think, if it shows up later i will see about starting the 1 i really need