Happy Burstday! Burstcoin is 2 years old now!

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    Two years ago the original developer 'burstdev' announced the currency:


    and started something unique with it.

    Decentralized, Green, by the people for the people - a grassroots movement! No banks or big money involved.

    It has been wild ride but much got accomplished the last 12 months.

    The last message of Burstdev from June 2015:

    Changing the block reward would be unfair to anyone who made decisions based on the stated supply and distribution schedule. 
    Nothing is perfectly distributed, but I don't really see it being that bad. Excluding the stuff we can't tell apart sitting in exchanges, the next highest address has a little over 2%. 
    I don't see adding more coins which will probably just end up flooding the market being a solution for anything. 
    Theres a lot of things I would have done differently in retrospect but I don't think block reward is one of them.
    The next update or 2 will be some long overdue extra account security features. 
    There will be the ability to authorize another account to spend from an account with spending limits(amount / time)(allow access to your funds while keeping the account its in cold stored or other ), and accounts will be able to be set up for multisig. 
    The authorized spending backend stuff is all done and has been tested successfully on a testnet, but has no user interface yet. 
    Multisig is still in progress. I haven't decided whether those will be released separate or grouped together.
    Afterwards AT interfaces will become a priority, and I also plan to do a bit of block header restructuring some time soon(header only validation cannot currently be done, but could be with some restructuring)


    Cheers and Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  • Happy birthdayyyyy!!!!! 🙂

  • happy 2 year anniversary burst baby burst

  • Happy Burstday!! 😃 So happy to be part of the burst community!

    The first comments on that link are funny!

  • Nice to know this news. I really don't know how old Burstcoin in the net. Happy Birthday and Good work devs. !!!

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  • Happy burstday folks 🙂

  • HBD ! Let's carry this coin to the moon during that 3rd year !

  • hmmm this was posted 11 hours ago. would that make it Aug 9th or Aug 10th. If the 9th then I share the same birthday! Happy Birthday to US!!!!! haha 🙂

  • @TIG312 I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it is the 10th. On the upside you are still able to congrats Burstcoin for living 2 years in our computers.
    Now that I'm writing this comment anyway

    Happy BURST day!

  • Thank you to the community for sticking with us, I hope to bring many new and exciting things to you with the help of our amazing team, in BURST's 3rd year!

    Happy BURSTday!