Burst Wallet as Service [Linux/Ubuntu]

  • Hello, I'm trying to run the burst wallet on Ubuntu as a service, when I create my init.d file it doesnt work, I have found some info about this telling me that I need to do ./run.sh directly in the folder where I have the wallet, cannot call the command from outside.

    So how I can do to call the command from init.d without getting the error:
    Error: Could not find or load main class nxt.Nxt

    Thank you guys 😃

  • First of all i have to ask why you want to do it? Is it only because of the autostart? If yes you can consider adding the wallet to your autostart. The "how" in this case is depending on your desktop environment (if you have one?).

    If this is not an option for you, can you please show your /etc/init.d/run_wallet -file ?

    I didn´t get the question to 100%, but maybe this helps:
    You could create a file named wallet_starter with the following content:

    cd /path/to/your/wallet/

    After creating this file you can do

    chmod 755 /path/to/your/wallet/starter/wallet_starter

    With this starter you can run your wallet from whereever you want in your system. You also could add it to your Init.d-file and it should work.
    Don´t know if this is what you need...

  • @piezo Thanks a lot piezo it worked, I need to run it as a service for my dedicated server, just to have access to the API, not sure if there is something else better than having the entire wallet in there.

  • After some time running my server with the wallet inside, it closes and I get the following error:

    ./run.sh: line 1: 4259 Killed java -cp burst.jar:conf nxt.Nxt

    And next time I try to restart ./run.sh I get thread errors and I need to reboot the entire server before being able to start the wallet again.

    Anyone knows what it means and how I can resolve this?
    Thanks a lot!