• someone can tell me with profit calculator is more accurate?

  • for example is accurate.

    They all use simple math and you could calculate your Burst-earning per day by the following simple equation:

    Burst_per_day = ( 24 x 60 x A x B ) / (4 x C)


    • A is the current Block reaward (this month it is 2919Burst, but this value decrease 5% each month!)
    • B is your Plot size in TB
    • C is the current Network size in TB

    The problem is, that the Network size (C) is fluctuating between 3000-15000 within a few days the last weeks because of some problems with pools and forks. It makes it hard to calculate your earnings. I would recommend to calculate with a value between C=8000 and C=10000 for now.
    Here you can get an idea how the value of C changed over the last time: