Burst forum in-topic ctrl+f search produces an error

  • If I try to do an in-topic ctrl+f search in this forum I get the "no plugins available" error. Anyone know how come? The search bar appears in the "1 out of 21" field (showing how many posts are in a thread).

    If I try to search again I get the "regular" browser search function working again, so it's not really a problem, but I am curious as to what it is.

  • @Propagandalf I know on chrome ctrl+f does the search box on the website. You could go to the more options thing on your browser

  • @ddos I'm using chrome too, and the first search searches "in" the website, whereas consecutive searches search through the top right corner in a separate box, like it is supposed to. So I don't believe the browser settings would change anything. It just seems to be something to do with the forum.