Why no payout?

  • Hi all,

    Sorry to bother you with this, but I seem to have had some Burst Queued and some waiting to pay out the other day on burst.ninja but I haven't received anything in my wallet.

    I don't want to keep jumping between pools but unless I have read this wrong (I took a screenshot - see attached) I think the payout has been missed??

    I'll switch back onto burst-team for now, but if someone could look at the screenshot and let me know if I've read it right, I'd appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    Karl. (My wallet appears as VH01)

    ![alt text](![image url](![image url](![image url](0_1471023910624_ninja-queue.PNG image url))))

  • admin

    @mindthegap As you can see from the screen shot, the Ninja payout DB got corrupted - the pool wanted to payout to most miners more Burst than will ever exist. Keep mining on the pool and the undistributed funds will be distributed, in the next couple of days, as a bonus based on your historical percentage at the time.

  • My thoughts are when things get weird on the bigger pools you could always try another pool http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/category/32/pool-announcements

    You can always go back it only cost 1 Burst. If people would spread out everyone would benefit and I dont think big miners would lose in the long run. You have to figure in losses from when the pool forked. The more pools we have will make Burst stronger. Imagine if there we only 3 bitcoin pools! Where would bitcoin be today?

    I am not saying anything bad about the bigger pools. When they acted up they are fixed quickly. On the other hand if they were not so overloaded the problems wouldnt happen. My pool uses same wallet but no forks. Think about it!

  • @haitch Thanks for the response, yeah I get that the Queued burst had grown into something huge! I think I was just worried because the pool had been really steady for me up until that point, with at least some sort of payment every day. I'm still learning but at least I'll know next time. Crazy numbers start turning up, bad database, sit and wait! lol Thanks again. K

  • @tross Thanks for the advice. K