Is this normal? (windows 32bit java)

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm a newbie to this and I am trying to plot my drive first time.

    Should I stop the plotter or ride it out?

    screenshot below (after 15 hours plotting)


  • Hey tom, welcome. To me it seems like you are plotting, so things are good. Plotting can take a long time, can I ask how much space you are plotting?

  • 702 gigs

  • @tom777 I'm not sure, but I think that can take a whole lot longer than 15 hours, depending on your pc specs. Seems like you are plotting though, so nothing wrong there. Maybe smart to create smaller plots next time, so there is less risk of having to start over. Wait for someone else to give you more info, cause i'm not an expert in these things. You'll be mining soon enough 🙂