How does a wallet's database get stuck in the first place?

  • Is there a particular scenario that corrupts the database, so that a wallet gets stuck? Mine is stuck and does not update the blocks anymore, so I'm guessing that downloading a fresh DB and re-syncing will solve the problem.

    Multibit HD has a "repair" function that fixes similar issues. Would it be possible to implement something like this in a Burst wallet?

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    @Propagandalf I'm not one of the wallet devs, so take my opinion as ignorant musings. The stuck wallet appears to me to be happening when a wallet follows a fork so far that it is unable to resolve back to the correct chain. It can't back up enough, and it can't move forward because the newer blocks don't agree with it's perception of reality. Hopefully one of the wallet devs will pass this way and give a proper explanation.

  • @haitch Thanks, that was a good explanation for me!

  • @Propagandalf i hope something like this does get implemented. getting stuck forever sucks

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    Currently it is not sure, why baseTarget calculation sometimes differs between wallets. Under conditions that can cause a block to be not accepted, what could cause fork/stuck issues.