Need Help ~! Porting an open source gambling platform for Burst!!

  • Hello Everyone ! I haven't been here very long, but i'd love to start out by saying this is by far one of the best crypto-communities i have ever had the pleasure of being a part of everyone just seems to feed off of each other it's fantastic!

    I have been trying to get on board with a multi currency betting platform for a while now and haven't had much luck. In my findings however, I made some really good friends on the gambling sites i love to play in. (DaGentlemanG on // Bustabit / PrimeDice / FortuneJack / JustDice / MONEYPOT / Crypto-Games / .) Not as saying im the best gambler or even the most profitable one but as you can see from a simple lookup i am a VIVID gambler and gamble a lot and decent amounts.

    While playing i made good with the Big Boss from @Ryan , now ryan is a cool bro , he's always there to take our money and answer our questions. @Ryan on Gave me permission to use the Bustabit's open source code, for my purposes

    I want to use the Source code from to make our Burstabit platform (sounds pretty cool , name obviously still up for discussion, haha )

    I have asked @haitch about this before i posted and he said that he would be willing to Host the site on his VM

    What I'll be needing help on.!

    1. Looking for assistance in porting an open source gambling platform to Burst, ----- (programmers will be getting a % of the earnings in burst) -- STILL OPEN

    2. Looking for Hosting ---- @haitch said he could help us

    3. Looking for help on how i would go upon issuing assets and releasing them properly and fairly --- DONE (@FrilledShark has stepped up and helped me out in this regard , and offers future help kudos sir! )

    4. Interest in Buying the Closed source from @ryan directly --- yay nay ?! (Costs is 2btc for the source in which if there's interest or the programmers tell me i need it i will set up a crowdfund to buy the source directly from @ryan , in which i will MATCH BURST for BURST everything that would go into said fund we raise 1btc i will personally take 1 btc from my winnings to match to buy the closed source with the updates) -- Just so we're clear @ryan isn't a small time he's built moneypot and bustabit two sites that are extremely successful. but don't take my word for it go see 🙂

    5. Funding / House edge / Royalties --- least of my worries

    For those of you who have never seen or played on bustabit it's a numbers game with a twist ,i would suggest you take a couple of second to watch a couple of games (you don't have to login). i would never take away from what @Zeus is making his dice site is beautiful and one of a kind, I am trying to add another game completely that might add to the value of our burst. Myself and some friends are waiting and counting down the days till we can gamble our burst !!

    STILL TO COME : Asset's, Crowdfunding, Testing

    leaving spaces for updates and edits thank you for you time! ( ps i love you guys )

  • This is great, more gambling sites, more fun.

  • Great idea, I'm excited to see more burst gambling coming up. I can always help out testing etc (not a programmer or anything, sorry), just let me know!

  • This is a great idea @dagentlemang good luck with it!
    As I said before, there's a place for everyone's ideas and let's all get Burstcoin up to the roof!

  • Thanks for all the positive vibes guys it's awesome to know there's interest!


    Possible Programmer Candidate in the works

    We deff have a home for our Site - either thru @haitch or a very good personal friend of mine @RaidBoss on
    i still don't know the exact conditions yet, but im working on keeping the project completely Transparent

    @FrilledShark has come to me with an offer to help me out with the assets , and i welcome it gladly i think this will be a good push in the right direction

    That's it for today's update ill be back tomorrow after a 12 hourshift in the slave pens see you folks later !!

                                              ----- DaGentlemang

  • Quick Update:

    For those interested , @iceburst has gotten into contact with me, for possibility as a main DEV for the project , YAY !!,The work that he's done for the Burst community is amazing!, mainly his work on the Android App .

    More info can be found here

    Wonderful project i think we might be in good hands!! Looking forward to working with

    I also took some time last night to start a CrowdFund for the Project with a new wallet for the sake of keeping things completely Transparent, but for some reason i can't find the darn thing ! Hopefully ill figure it out and link it here ---: :--- once I've Found it !!

    You guys take care
    ill be back tomorrow with an update!

  • I think it is a great idea!

  • Indeed a great job in progress, thanks for having me on board, and appreciate the burst project for giving me/us the opportunity to make this happen.



  • @dagentlemang I want to be one of the first testers please xD

  • @gpedro said in Need Help ~! Porting an open source gambling platform for Burst!!:

    @dagentlemang I want to be one of the first testers please xD

    Well bud, once we have this rolling, as a QC tester in real life, i will most likely need others to help me test, so we will let you know 🙂

  • @RaidBoss thanks man

  • So, as far as to give this thread an update, we currently are finishing the website for this Unique platform, we are almost ready to release this to the public and start spreading a doc which we built with the roadmap to this amazing project. Our next step would involve making assets in order to generate some bankroll and we will be looking to make this in the next few days, just wanted to keep you guys up-to-date and you will all witness this monster soon enough.


  • Once all of our information is set in to place we will move to a proper thread to in the ANN, Thank you

  • @RaidBoss @dagentlemang Any ETA on when is this expected to be released ??

  • @Castiel Right now there is no eta, but as soon as its a bit more developed or ready to be launched it will be properly announced here.


  • Going to move this to it's proper thread i think we have all the pieces we need