Updating AIO wallet

  • Just noticed the AIO wallet has been updated. Before I go ahead and do this I just want to ask the recommended procedure here to ensure my coins are not lost. I am NOT using the online wallet so I would assume there is a way to backup that information somewhere before I update to the latest. What is the process for a smooth wallet upgrade?

    For what it is worth I have installed and want to upgrade to Thanks for any information.

  • Took a chance and just ran the install as I found a few posts saying you could just install over top of the old BUT the install errors out with something about burst.jar being used by another program. The old wallet is not open so I don't see how that is possible. Ideas?

  • A reboot of the computer took care of the install error. Someone should look into that as if the wallet is closed there should be no reason for that error or the file to be 'linked' any longer.

  • When you exit the AIO wallet it actually sends it to the system tray. You must close it from the system tray to completely close the wallet.