Interrupting plotting

  • Is it OK or even advisable to stop and then restart plotting? I'm plotting a new 4T drive and I'm only at 35% after over two days. The problem is it really slows down my computer, all programs, and it's the family computer and it's driving other family members crazy. If I stop plotting will I have to start from the beginning upon restart, or will it pick up from where it left off?

    Thanks in advance.

  • admin

    "If you're running Windows Vista/7 (possibly XP, but not sure) it's really rather simple.

    Type in: Control+Shift+Esc to get your taskmanager up.

    Click on the Processes tab

    Find the process that needs its processor affinity changed

    Right-click on the process

    Click on "Set Affinity"

    Here you can select which processor(s) your process will use.

    Good luck!"


  • Thanks for the reply. Isn't this that same as when I was choosing how many cores to use when I started plotting? I set it to all four cores, but should I have set it for less? And would having it set on less cores cause the full plotting to take longer?

  • admin

    @spread67 If you want to use the PC while it's plotting, set number of core to use to be 1 less than total cores. Having already started though, follow dawallets suggestion and prevent the plotter from using CPU 0, that will make the PC much more useable.

  • OK, great, I just went ahead and did that and we'll see how that works. Thank you both for the help!