[SCAM] BurstVest

  • Edit by Admin: This asset is a scam. Do not invest.

    Announcement and Discussion thread

    Name: BurstVest

    Asset ID: 9942303089158877431
    Asset Issuer: BURST-TX7W-YTB2-EZY7-APA7J
    Supply: 1,000,000 (1,000,000 will be sold on the market. All profit from sales goes into the asset)
    Price: 100 (Has 2 decimals to break into 1 burst per .01 shares. All assets will be the same price from the issuer! NO increase!)
    Asset Decimals: 2
    Dividends: Monthly

    To promote the asset, the first payment will be extra from my personal wallet.

    This is the official BurstVest announcement thread. BurstVest invests it's funds into current and future assets and reinvests profits while maintaining dividends to shareholders.

    The purpose of BurstVest is to simplify investing in multiple assets and reinvesting profits by packaging it into one asset. To put it in simpler terms, BurstVest takes investor's funds and allocates them to assets. The revenue from those assets is split into shareholder dividends, some of it is reinvested, and 1.5% is taken as a maintenance fee. The most unique aspect of BurstVest is that it reinvests 35% of it's revenues creating a larger dividend each month. No matter how many shares are sold, the dividends will keep going up for as long as the burst asset exchange exists.

    Shares will be sold 100,000 at a time on the exchange.

    Burstvest will allocate it's investor's funds like this:
    20% BURSTize ID:14692463117907261266
    15% thstake ID: 18176646582737130927
    15% BurstGames ID: 9245423647144851863
    10% BURSTeam ID: 14092376023955917604
    10% BSilver ID: 11249475790449858086
    10% ByteEnt ID: 1800253871016293364
    10% BURSTaker ID: 15208279992621279224
    10% Retained in the wallet for future assets. Wallet Address: BURST-TX7W-YTB2-EZY7-APA7J

    The profits from the asset investments will be distributed:
    60% Dividends to investors
    35% Invested in more assets
    3% Put into the wallet for future assets(Future assets will be determined by majority on this thread in the future)
    1.5% Maintenance fee

    Any funds sent to the asset will go directly into buying an asset immediately.
    Don't have any burst? Throw some faucet burst at the exchange and you can get .01 shares per burst! If I go to the faucet and get 5 burst, I can get .05 shares and watch the profits roll in.

    Just in case anybody missed it. The price of the asset in future releases will be the SAME. No increase whatsoever because that would cheat people who are late into buying it. HOWEVER, Any late buyers will not receive dividends from the previous months.

    Any amendments to percentages will be addressed in this thread. I will create a reply stating the new percentages and ya'll can give me an up-vote or a down-vote.

    If you still aren't convinced, you can check how many of what asset the wallet currently owns by going to the exchange and clicking on the account ID (Who owns it). Anyone can see how many of what asset the wallet owns. There is the proof that this asset is legit. I have a reputation on this forum and I will not force anyone to spend there money here. I only want to offer this as a long-term investment.

    Announcements on purchases and dividends will be made here. If you have any questions, please ask below!

  • @ddos why is it so expensive?

  • @kevinfml It's expensive because I wanted there to be a lot of room to invest without the supply running out and people being forced to buy off the market. If the supply ran out, the market price would increase because of how asset prices rise. This is not friendly for people who manipulate the market. It is friendly for the investors who are only there for the permanent dividends. However much you buy from the asset issuer account will be distributed into other assets. If you bought .01 shares (1 burst) your 1 burst would be invested by the asset. You may not get a very large return from just 1 burst, but you will get a return nonetheless. And on top of that it will increase over time!

  • @ddos Ok. So if I invest 1,000 burst, then it is like investing 1,000 burst into multiple assets?

  • @kevinfml That's exactly how it works! You don't have to manually do each asset, you just invest here and receive dividends. The dividends will increase each month because 45% is automatically reinvested.

  • @ddos sweet. I'm going to go get some

  • Some assets already got bought so I've already invested them into the market.

  • Right now the assets look like this.

    There is an order on the market for burst games so when it comes through i will update.
    If I make any big purchases, i will make sure to put it here.
    The share quantity may not add up for the percentages, but the actual value on the market when buying the assets for a reasonable price is at the right percentage.

    Y'all throw some faucet burst at the asset and lets get those numbers up!

  • So in good nature and to promote the start of the asset, I have decided to put some of my own personal wallet funds into the first payment. This is only for the first payment, so now is the time to get in on it. First payment will be a little bit into next month because I have to get the revenue from the invested assets. So spread the word that first come, first serve.

  • can you Plz tell me as i am a hallf dummie,,how i can invest,,like to invest 1000 burst

  • @bytheseaster 10 assets would be 10*100 = 1000

    i gave it 2 decimals so anyone can invest as low as 1 burst

    If you go to buy an asset it will tell you the total cost

  • @ddos tell me how much it will cost me as total and how i`ll do it!

  • @bytheseaster Um... if you go to the asset exchange on the wallet you can buy however much you want. Do you know how stocks work? It's pretty much the same thing

    If you wanted to invest 1000 burst, then buy 10

  • @bytheseaster Go to asset exchange, in the top right corner click 'add asset'. There you will fill in as ID: 9942303089158877431. This will show you the asset. Once you got that, just click the green +, as quantity fill in '10', price '100' and you'll see the total will be 1000. Click 'buy (BURST-Burstvest)', fill in your passphrase and click 'buy asset'. After that you'll have to wait for some confirmations and will have 10 shares in the asset.

  • @BurgerBaron thanks burger

  • Another update. We had some people buy up more assets. There are some orders for Burst Games that will come through as soon as zeus releases the next batch. Thstake was on the cheap today, so I got a surplus of that for ht same amount of burst that I paid for Bursteam and Burstaker. So here is the current wallet inventory. Minus the Burst Games order.

    Any future assets that get added will be discussed here. If that does happen, I would appreciate it if most of the shareholders make an appearance because there are some good assets coming up.

  • Important Announcement

    that I need some people to answer. Crowetic has mentioned that he will be making a GPU altcoin mining asset that transfers to burst. In it's infancy the price might be more likely to ROI than the current mining assets. I am suggesting that as soon as it comes out to grab a bunch of the asset to see the dividends. I'm thinking this will be a very safe investment because it is Crowetic. What do you guys think?

  • Damn need to invest some more! great idea

  • Amendment to the allocation percentages seen at the top.

    • Changed BURSTeam to 10%
    • Added BSilver at 10%
    • Changed Future asset fund to 10%

  • Bought 10 Assets.