Merge and / or Close asset

    1. How do you go about merging multiple assets together?

    2. Also is it possible to close or delete an asset, especially if you never released any of the shares? I created an asset prior to thstake, however I worded the description wrong (transposed some numbers) and I never released. Can I delete / remove it ?

  • You are able to send new a new asset to the person currently holding x asset.
    Lets say we are going to merge "a" and "b". Our new asset is called "c". Do some math magic and calculate how the funds are located to make it fair and send x% of "c" to "a" and y% of "c" to "b". It would merge "a" and "b" under the new asset "c".

    You are not able to delete any asset.

  • @FrilledShark what happens to the old assets once the 2 are merged in 1 ?

  • They are just assets. People can do what ever they want with them. You just tell them that they are worthless.