Pre-[ANN]ouncement - IceBurstMining

  • I am laying out the plan to gauge response from the community. Please feel free to comment openly or private (via chat message). If you choose to comment openly please try to limit the comments to factual based information or questions. I do encourage spirited discussion. Time for the Pre-ANN

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  • @IceBurst when do we start?

  • @IceBurst I have been reading your post and comments all over this forum for a while and I am completely impressed with your comprehensive writing and devotion to practicality and logic. With that being said I would totally support this asset and its roadmap.. Great work, I will be here when it starts!

  • What @toesieo said.

  • What cards are you currently using for mining as well as the rest of your current hardware?

    What hardware (in particular video cards) will you be purchasing to increase the mining power ?

  • @tomahawkeer
    All hardware current and planned purchased are proposed AMD based RX480 cards. The logic is while the output is only about 70% of the top performs the measured wattage is nearly 66% less, the current mining rig uses the RX480 series and had a watt meter attached for verification. By doing so I was able to reduce the operating expenses drastically and I can future load much heavier. Internally I have a giant spreadsheet for GPU and ASIC miners that calculates potential profitability based on Initial hardware costs, operating costs (power), hashes that can be mined and variants.

    HTH, -IceBurst

  • @IceBurst Seems legit. I am a big fan of assets that auto reinvest 🙂
    Any ETA on the release?
    The way I'm looking at these numbers, it would take at most 122 months now or 75 months at max potential to ROI. Seems pretty accurate for mining crypto-currency. I'm very glad when people do this because it puts pressure on Burst and keeps it alive.

  • I'm happy to see more assets coming to the table, as long as the people offering them hold up to their word, it is great for BURST and I'm all for it.

  • @IceBurst I like what i see... Put other Cryptos working for BURST is a great way of increase the value of BURST by show the strenght of this coin... I'm completely in with something like this...

  • I must say, your presentation is business class. I have been here for a while but never really make an impact to the community due to the fact that I am full of questions. I'm having high hopes for this coin. This will be a long game. 🙂