Beginning My Burst Adventure

  • Hi everyone. I'm very new to Burst and am actually plotting my first drive as I type this. I thought I would reach out and say that I'm glad to be a new member of this community. I've been reading through the forum and watching the "How To" videos and feel I have a decent grasp of how this works. If anyone has any advice or info for a new member...perhaps simple mistakes newbies tend to make comes to mind....please feel free to share.

    Thanks and I hope all is well in your worlds!


  • @joco43 Welcome

    Make sure passphrase is really long (I normally take the one provided). Copy passphrase store in good location. DO NOT TELL OR SHOW ANYONE YOUR PASSPHRASE!
    If you need help there lots of people who will help!

  • Thanks for the Tip. I appreciate the help : )

  • HI! Welcome @joco43 If you run into any problems, just ask! People here are very helpful and friendly! Enjoy and happy Bursting!