Pool Deadline not syncing with the miner deadline

  • Hello team-

    I noticed something weird. It could be me not understanding this completely so please bear with me here.

    On the miner cmd prompt you will see that several deadlines were confirmed but on the shares section, I only have 1D. I purposely took the screenshot including the time so you know that both the screenshots match. Is there an issue or am I just dreaming and this is expected behavior? Thanks a bunch for reading through!


    At the same time, my share shows 1D (I am the Burst_Home)


  • You are on witck pool?

  • If you are referring to the No Deadline that's in yellow it just means on block 264340 that you didn't find anything in your plot(s) for that block.

    The 1D means you have earned 1 Burst but is on delay payment from the pool which normally pays out 24-30 hours roughly.

  • Hello @bytheseaster - I am on http://pool.burstcoin.eu/ pool and I have 320GB storage.
    I only got 6 burst all day yesterday and this morning after 8 hours I am still at 1D so essentially, nothing moved since last night.
    One thing I also noticed is that the miner got stuck. Do I have restart the miner ever morning?

    @Wondyr- I am just thinking that 6 burst for the 320GB is too low and I was thinking that it would be a little higher. I am not worried about delayed payouts as long as it comes through. No grief there 🙂

  • I got a few more deadlines and it shows 2D. Shouldn't I be seeing a lot more of "%D" in the eu pool page 😞


  • the D is deferred payouts... what this means, is during the time the pool found a block, you had submitted a deadline that earned you 1 BURSTcoin.

    The D has nothing to do with submitted deadlines, that means it is a payment that is deferred because you haven't hit the payout limit of the pool yet, once you hit 300 you will get a payout.

    320GB is not much space, so you won't earn too many BURST with just that. But you will earn something, it will just take you longer than if you had more space.

    Right now, if you don't have much capital, it makes more sense to BUY BURST than it does to buy a hard drive to mine with, simply in terms of how much you can get. But mining is a long term investment, and so is BURST right now.

    Luckily, we have some things coming in the near future, that will likely set BURST price much higher, so if you have any extra coin to spend, purchase some BURST and ride the wave upward.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  • @crowetic Totally makes sense! On my way to buying some bursts 😉

  • I waited but the numbers dont add up. Using the calculator (http://burstcoin.biz/calculator) with 320GB, I should be getting ~64 bursts a day. I am hardly getting 15% of this number.


  • admin

    @samreader1 The variance is very high, it is possible that you earn one day over 1000 Burst and then only 10 Burst per day for a week.