Linux - Really Need Help

  • Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    I have tried with kartojal/dcct-gui on a Linux mint system but to no avail. The Developer helped quite a lot but I don't want to bother him too much.

    I have since installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 16. Any help just getting started would be greatly appreciated.

    With kartojal/dcct-gui I get most of the stuff but still struggle a bit in some cases. Please see below what my issue is:

    Upon clicking ok to start the plot I get an Xterm window pop up with the following:

    Using SSE2 core.
    Usage: ./plotavx2 -k KEY [ -x CORE] [-d Directory] [-s STARTNONCE] [-n NONCES]
    [-m STAGGERSIZE] -[t THREADS] -a
    0 - default core
    1 - SSE2 core
    2 - AVX2 core
    -a = ASYNC writer mode (will use 2x memory!)

    Cannot select anything in the said xterm window and nothing else happens.

    So all I need to currently know is my settings below correct on the
    GUI selection:

    Burst ID: My Wallet address
    Start Nonce: The drive that needs to be plotted?
    Plot size in GB: 20000 (2TB)
    Ram Memory to plot: The amount of ram I want to allocate
    CPU threads: The mount of threads I need to allocate.

    Also, the files. Do they need to be stored on the same drive I want to plot or can they be on any other drive. Ubuntu is installed on it's own drive (128GB SSD). I want to plot a blank 2TB drive connected to the machine.

    Thanks in advance....

  • @wurx

    Note: I'm not the best Linux user

    Burst ID: your Burst ID
    Start Nonce: 0 (Just set it to 0)
    Plot size in GB: 7,812,000 (= almost 2 TB, keep a little extra space for faster read time)
    Ram Memory to plot: Read below
    CPU threads: Read below

    Use: /plotavx2 -k ACCOUNT ID -x {I guess 0?} -d {dir to disk} -s 0 -n 7,812,000
    -m {ram} -t {read CPU}

    Ram = The more ram you are going to use the faster and the easier it is going to be on the drive. You should pick all the ram you have minus 1 GB. Pick less if you want to use the computer while it is plotting. It is known as stagger size and you need to set it in MB.

    CPU = The more cores you pick the faster you have your plot ready. Pick every core or pick every core minus 1 if you want to use the computer while it is running.

    You can store the plots where every you want.

  • @wurx hey!
    Have you tried the last instructions I gave you in Github? Worked? if you need more help just ping me again. Love to help in my spare time if is related with linux or crypto 😛

  • The same happens to me. @kartojal (or whoever is available) I need your help please
    This is what I enter :
    ./plotavx2 -k {my account id beginning with BURST} -x 1 -d ./plots -s 0 -n 1000 -m 1000 -t 1 -a
    No success at all
    I know that is something wrong but I can't find it.

    UPDATE: Finally I found out what caused the issue...I put Acc ID instead of Numeric id... It works now!

  • @CryptoHellenic i think after -k need type your digit ID
    /plotavx2 -k 012345678910111213 -x 1 -d ./plots -s 0 -n 1024 -m 1024 -t 1 -a