Pre [ANN]ouncement IceBurst Mining

  • I will be releasing the Asset in August, the actual release date will be listed here with 72 hours notice. However prior to release I will be allowing potential investors to provide input into the asset.
    As shown in the original thread: ( ) The intent is to reinvest to hit mile stones to produce more coins, When the system hits major milestone 2 the investment payout goes up to favor the investor. The original call was for a 42.5% reinvestment which shows a potential milestone 2 target of 446 Days. I have calculated additional models that have different reinvestment percentages in an attempt to reach goal 2 much faster as shown by this chart.
    0_1471895282511_ReInvest Chart.PNG

    55% ReInvest Represents a total of 345 Days
    65% ReInvest Represents a total of 292 Days
    Both as Compared to the baseline of 446 Days

    If you intend to purchase this asset this is your chance to help shape it. In additional news I have decided to reduce the number of available assets in half but double the initial cost thus keeping the entire pool unchanged.

    Hope you find this enjoyable as an investor.


  • Asset Release Announcement
    The asset will be release on 28-August-2016 at 12:00PM EST. The asset will be released as originally described with only a minor change. Reinvest will be set at 55% based upon poll results. Mining will begin on Sept 3rd, calculations for the month will be calculated with 48 hours of the end of the month and dividends will follow in the next 48 hours. Charts and stats to include dividends and mining power will be made publicly available as well as progress towards additional mining power for investor's review.

    It is expected that the base mining rig will be upgraded middle of September based upon asset sales. Septembers dividend will be the lowest as expected and we should see a jump in October and then steady growth on a regular basis.

    I maintain a positive outlook and look forward to a profitable future for this asset.


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