SILVER - we're expanding and joining BURST

  • EDIT: Asset was replaced by

    Hello everyone,

    Although a newbie account, i'd like this post to be my hello to the community as well as the asset description.

    The asset is called SILVER (id: 2823758324363412734)

    There is a history and a concept behind SILVER that i think will attract some of you.

    Formerly known as MAFIA, SILVER is the newer version of our old asset. We emigrated from NXT to Horizon (HZ) because we don't really see eye to eye with what is about to happen with the new update, as well as losing faith in the community because of all the scam assets that roam it. We'd like to separate ourselves from that...

    SILVER is a bond-type asset that pays out a daily dividend, of a guaranteed minimum 0.0001 BURST per share. Keep in mind that a share's price is 0.1 BURST, so that's 0.1% per day guaranteed return. We told ourselves that the day we pay out less, will be the last day of SILVER and it's time to liquidate the fund. We hope never to get there 😃

    Our earnings come from options trading on the FOREX markets, and for the ones with experience to such things, we trade 1 and 5 minute candles. We don't use increments for recovery such as Martingale and other casino-type betting systems. We don't bet. We trade, and never risk more than 0.1% of the account value on a single trade.

    The asset capital is already well over 50 million HZ and growing each day. We hope to reach levels like this in BURST as well.

    If you want to keep up with our payouts, you can check the following link: (i will give a new one for BURST as soon as we have a few sales and i start paying dividends)

    or :

    In case you have any other questions regarding the asset, feel free to ask, or PM me.

    Now, you might be wondering if we're doing so well on HZ, why come over? It's quite simple really, our vision is to become a multi-platform asset and not favor any specific coin. We want everybody to have the same opportunity regardless of the platform/coin they use.

    Being a former NXTer, my identity is held by an entity called NXTInspect (perhaps some of you know them) . They have a copy of my ID and Passport. In case any mod/admin wishes to verify that, please send me a PM and i will ask a member of NXTInspect to confirm it on btctalk or whatever means of communication you prefer.

    Aside from the daily dividend, we in SILVER take extra precautions in safety of funds and any extra earnings we have, we use to buy up assets with reputation in HZ and that we consider to be a safe investment. Because we're only a part of HZ for now, our back-up accounts and assets we buy for safety of funds are solely in HZ. BURST asset buys coming soon. I noticed there are a few that have already established themselves and have a good reputation.

    So there you have it. This is our baby, and we're watching it grow each day, and we'd like you to be a part of that.

  • What is the release schedule of the assets?

    10,000,000,000,000 assets at .1 burst is 1,000,000,000,000 Burst

    1,000,000,000,000 * today's price of .00000055 = 550,000 BTC

    550,000 BTC * $585 = $321,750,000

    $321,750,000 for the whole asset I feel is a bit steep especially since I see Burst coin going up in value.

    Just my thoughts, right away the large number of assets is a turn off for me. Asset owners need to be upfront with their release information and follow it to a Tee. This is what makes a trustworthy asset.

    Hopefully no hard feelings.
    Best of Luck!

  • No hard feeling at all. I get your point.

    The reason for the large number of assets is that i'd like not to put a cap on the total for now. There's plenty of room to grow, and if a coin can reach a market cap of millions, why can't an asset? I hope to add more members/traders to the team as the capital grows, so that the whole thing won't be managed by one single person.

    And if at one point i do decide to put a cap on the fund, i simply burn the remaining shares and send them to the genesis account. That's the beauty of our platforms.

    And there is no release schedule for the assets. I sell according to demand and make sure the price doesn't get pumped. All investors, regardless inf early or late are given the same fair chance of earning. When the asset reaches the cap, only then will the price rise and be free to speculate for all. That's why i call SILVER a hybrid concept.

  • Was this asset released?
    I had bought some and now my burst are held up with no confirmations. The asset is also no longer available.

  • @crutsy the asset was released and i saw your buy. A few blocks later the whole burst network seems to have gone to shit. My wallet also shows my sale as pending... online wallet as well. I wouldn't worry really. It must be a glitch in the client that even the online wallets are experiencing. If however this doesn't get fixed and by some magic the money vanishes, don't worry, i will personally give you a refund. Let's just wait it out and see what happens. A lot of users seem to be experiencing the same issue right now. I just checked.
    Oh, and the issue is not just regarding my asset. It's in general. Something strange just went on, and nobody has a clue what happened just yet.

  • Yeah seems like a fork somewhere. Time to wait lol

  • It's ironic that this happens exactly when i announce the asset, but the asset itself was created about a week ago actually (2818 blocks ago) . I just waited to announce because i was in the hospital the past few days. Now we wait...

  • admin

    Feel free to compare the state of your local wallet with the nodes listed here:

    I see no fork issue currently, so maybe check your local wallet and make sure it is updated to 1.2.6

  • @luxe i'm all up to date on every level.

    Strange thing is that despite all servers seem to be working properly, there's 3 things that caught my eye:

    1. - SILVER doesn't show there although it was created 2800 blocks ago

    2. (the one from ) shows the same issue we described

    3. other users have complained about this issue as well in the past 2 hours since it began on the H&S topic on the forum

    Maybe there's something we're missing. We'll wait it out, no worries. I'll try again later as well

  • admin

    1. SILVER does not show, because i implemented a filter mechanism, to only show 'active' Assets ... once there were some trades it will show up.
    2. I can see 2823758324363412734 on, just no orders ... the transactions to offer the asset may have happened while something was however wrong, please resend.
    3. I just came home from work, sry no idea what happened 2 hours ago. Maybe @haitch knows?! I can only guess, that one of the overpowered pools made a fork and won.

  • 0_1471975629150_slv1.png


    blocks are up to date and showing just fine. orders won't go through though. prints are from the online wallet @ . i get the same for local and client.

    We'll get our answers soon enough. the fork seems very likely. Sorry i had to put you to work as soon as you arrived home.

    UPDATE: ok, the last sale order seems to show, but the other 2 don't and also @crutsy 's buy isn't showing. There was someone else who bought as well. So 2 buys that i saw just went poof...

  • @nameless Just a thought... Have you tried to close your session on these wallets and reopen it? like one hour ago i had some issues for like 5 minutes on mwallet but when i reenter on my account all its fine...

  • @gpedro said in SILVER - we're expanding and joining BURST:

    @nameless Just a thought... Have you tried to close your session on these wallets and reopen it? like one hour ago i had some issues for like 5 minutes on mwallet but when i reenter on my account all its fine...

    Closed and reopened. Placed 2 more orders. The last 2 seem to be showing now, but not the first 2 and the 2 buys that went on in that period... cache cleared again, went on the web wallet, same thing...

    It's these 2 transactions that won't show/sync in the wallets:

    they are my asks. @crutsy 's buys and the other clue what block they were

    Lol this is turning into a support ticket rather than an asset launch.

  • admin

    Well, maybe it is not a fork issue, but 10'000'000'000'000,0000 is just too much Assets+Digits ... i will check wallet code.

  • @luxe have a look at this :

    seems like forked the chain few days ago. maybe it happened again.

  • The wallets have not been forking in the last few days. The network has been very solid.

  • Well, i got nothing then... damned if i know what happened.

    @crutsy when you come online, please send me your burst address and how many assets you bought so i can give you a refund on it. Same for the other buyer.

    I just hope future sells will work properly from now on.

  • @nameless 0_1471978631942_Untitled.jpg

    Just to show how it looks on my end. My burst addy is BURST-3BT5-6RGK-3TQL-GUAJ9

  • @crutsy I know you placed that order. and funny thing is that i saw it executed and 10 mins later it vanished. same for the money. strange as hell...

    i'll give you a refund regardless. i'll send over the refund in a few mins as soon as my polo withdrawal comes in.

  • @nameless I agree I have actually watched the order and the burst come and go a few times back and forth. I am unable to cancel the order as well. odd anomaly

    As for the burst you return I will make sure to re-invest them in your asset when things are figured out. And vise versa I will return any burst that I am not due.