• just some minor recommendations

    • for new users of the Burst software it would be nice to see a soft switch that directs users to download Java

    • it would also help everyday users to have a one click solution with server launch and local webpage opening

    addressing these 2 things will make that 1st experience using BURST more appealing and allow room to spend time learning the platform as opposed to getting it to launch

    nice work guys, really impressed so far

  • admin

    Moved to Comment&Feedback ...

    Thanks for your feedback, not sure if it is about Win Client or the Burst Wallet itself.

  • @luxe
    windows burst wallet

    for some reason its been downloading the blockchain for over an hr and is only about 15%

    will research when i get more time thanks again

  • @j_nathan through the burst client could take up to 9 hours downloading the blockchain, you could do it manually

  • admin

    @j_nathan Have you ever tried download bitcoin blockchain 🙂 If you are at 15% after a hour, everything is fine ... thats quite fast ... just be patient ...

  • apologies I confused a mention of some 10minute load time with the actual blockchain load time

    just added the "nxt.myAddress=" with my LAN ip address also so will let it run and get some of mypolo BURST transferred so I can play with this platform later

    very interested in what it can do especially with other assets
    knowing platforms like this and bitsquare could really pay off