NEWSILVER - daily dividends, multi-platform asset

  • Hello everyone,

    Although a newbie account, i'd like this post to be my hello to the community as well as the asset description.

    The asset is called NEWSILVER (id: 4445759384780677962)

    There is a history and a concept behind SILVER that i think will attract some of you.

    Formerly known as MAFIA, NEWSILVER is the newer version of our old asset. We emigrated from NXT to Horizon (HZ) because we don't really see eye to eye with what is about to happen with the new update, as well as losing faith in the community because of all the scam assets that roam it. We'd like to separate ourselves from that...

    NEWSILVER is a bond-type asset that pays out a daily dividend, of a guaranteed minimum 0.1 BURST per share. Keep in mind that a share's price is 100 BURST, so that's 0.1% per day guaranteed return. We told ourselves that the day we pay out less, will be the last day of SILVER and it's time to liquidate the fund. We hope never to get there 😃

    Our earnings come from options trading on the FOREX markets, and for the ones with experience to such things, we trade 1 and 5 minute candles. We don't use increments for recovery such as Martingale and other casino-type betting systems. We don't bet. We trade, and never risk more than 0.1% of the account value on a single trade.

    The asset capital is already well over 50 million HZ and growing each day. We hope to reach levels like this in BURST as well.

    If you want to keep up with our payouts, you can check the following link: (i will give a new one for BURST as soon as we have a few sales and i start paying dividends)

    or :

    In case you have any other questions regarding the asset, feel free to ask, or PM me.

    Now, you might be wondering if we're doing so well on HZ, why come over? It's quite simple really, our vision is to become a multi-platform asset and not favor any specific coin. We want everybody to have the same opportunity regardless of the platform/coin they use.

    Being a former NXTer, my identity is held by an entity called NXTInspect (perhaps some of you know them) . They have a copy of my ID and Passport. In case any mod/admin wishes to verify that, please send me a PM and i will ask a member of NXTInspect to confirm it on btctalk or whatever means of communication you prefer.

    Aside from the daily dividend, we in SILVER take extra precautions in safety of funds and any extra earnings we have, we use to buy up assets with reputation in HZ and that we consider to be a safe investment. Because we're only a part of HZ for now, our back-up accounts and assets we buy for safety of funds are solely in HZ. BURST asset buys coming soon. I noticed there are a few that have already established themselves and have a good reputation.

    So there you have it. This is our baby, and we're watching it grow each day, and we'd like you to be a part of that.

    UPDATE: First ever dividend in burst just got released. From now on, all dividends can be tracked under my pastebin page :

  • Umm, yea I bought the original SILVER and its Pending.

  • @kikiyai this happened unfortunately:

    Apparently the number of assets was too big and the system was messing up because of it. Not even the admins and devs knew this would happen. It was a lesson to us all, so i had no choice but to issue a new asset instead with less shares.

  • @nameless So what can I do to get my 1000 BURST back?

  • @kikiyai the theory is that because the transaction is stuck in limbo, you should get it back within a week. But just to make sure, just like with the other two investors, i will send you a refund. So 1k burst is heading your way. Should be with you in the next block.

    UPDATE: yup, 1k burst safe and sound in BURST-YDZE-BTHA-QP7P-9U7XP

  • @nameless I don't think I got it. alt text

  • The money doesen't show in my wallet but it shows in the Block Explorer.

  • admin

    @kikiyai Please update your Win Client. The Core version 1.2.4 gets stuck at some point sooner or later and this won't be pretty.

  • @daWallet Alright Thanks

  • Wow, some funky stuff happened in the chain, but it seems like it's all good now.

    NEWSILVER managed to sell 210k burst worth of shares in the first 12 hours so far. Thank you for believing.

    As i promised, it bares a daily dividend, so later today I will already make the first pay-out.

  • Some people asked how the asset is backed up. One of the accounts, which you can see here : holds a few assets, one of which is ADSactly. You'll notice we hold 1 million shares, which at current market price = 100 million HZ or 50 million burst . ADSactly is a well established asset in the HZ comunity with a great reputation and great transparency ( . That's how we're backing our asset. More assets an both platforms will be added in time.

  • First ever dividend in burst just got released. From now on, all dividends can be tracked under my pastebin page :

  • To the account holder BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ : i see you bought quite a large chunk of shares and immediately put them back on sale at 120. As is stated before, i sell NEWSILVER according to demand at a FIXED price of 100 burst. You won't be able to sell at 120 because i will always have a sell order at 100. So i see two ways to do this :

    1. You can hold on to the assets you have and enjoy the profits

    2. If you bought solely for speculation reasons, you have a chance to get out. Set them back on sale at 100 and i will buy them back from you

    Offer stands for 48 hours, but if however you placed the sell just for the sake of it like i noticed you do with a lot of assets, then by all means thanks for the vote of confidence and welcome to the cub!

  • @nameless Someone basically whaled my asset (thstake) as well, and basically turned around and started selling them all above initial price. I understand what you mean there.

    Looking forward to seeing what this asset does. I have purchased some and plan on buying more in the future.

  • @tomahawkeer i believe it's the same benevolent whale. After i posted the message, the acc owner withdrew the sale order, and on the contrary bought a whole bunch more. Thank you for that mr whale 🙂 (i don't know how else to address you) . And thank you @tomahawkeer for joining in on the fun. I also hold some of your assets in my private account. I have for some time now 😃

    Whomever our large budget friend is uses a strategy i used to have in NXT. I won't reveal it so no worries 😛

    PS: @everyone, today's dividend got released as well. Remember, you can see the details in the pastebin link i left at the bottom of the asset description. Or just look into the issuer account 😃

  • @tomahawkeer I would love to have had a larger asset like thstake because the staking wallets would be huge and the ROI would stay the same for the asset holders because no one could tank it

  • @nameless I have a question. What if your asset makes a tremendous amount of money for an entire month. Are you saying you would still give the shareholders their .1% every day? Pocket the change? Reinvest? Keep it in the wallet?

  • @ddos the only problem is if the value of a coin tanks, which kind of happened this week with HYP :-\ It really sucks too because the only reason it tanked was because the volume was low on Poloniex. The coin, function and purpose is still there, nothing change but it has hurt the value of the coin just because of where it was trading.

  • @ddos indeed, if i make a '''tremendous'' amount per month, i re-invest the whole thing either in the markets to make even more for us, maybe some of it in assets for backup, as well as buy coin ( BURST and HZ) if i can get it at a good price for future dividends. The HZ sister asset actually earned 20% last 2 months, and now that we have the dual platform , you could basically say NEWSILVER had 20% ROI as well. Despite the fact that both assets run on a different coin, the money i raise from shares goes to the same place, and everyone gets the same reward, regardless of the platform that they use.

    I always make a little on top of that dividend that i give each day, and that cash i use according to what i consider to be the best investment for us at that point in time.

    On the other hand, if none of the above is viable (assets are too expensive, etc) , i simply give out a bonus dividend to the shareholders. In HZ i did this quite a few times already. At one point i gave almost a month's worth of dividend in one day because we had such a great trading day and the markets were nuts and allowed us to make money.

    So to sum things up, NEWSILVER and sister SILVER from HZ are hybrid funds : bond-type assets +trading + holding fund . My primary aim right now is to have the fund backed 100% with other assets in case anything happens and i need to liquidate, so that i know for sure investor's money is fully protected. The monthly 3% is but a bonus for investors compared to the reward they'll get over time when the fund grows larger and larger and the value of their shares skyrocket. Of course, that will take some time to achieve. It can't be done in a few months.

    EDIT : I should also take the chance and bring up two important points that have been brought up in the past. Sort of a mini-faq :

    1 ) I was asked why i'm doing this, what my gain is

    Well, simply put, i invest in my own asset. So i earn as you earn. So you can imagine my motivation here...
    Also, i'm doing it with an asset and not only my own money out of two reasons. First, the capital i can raise through shares sales opens up doors for me that i wouldn't be able to touch on my own. And second, i love the hybrid asset concept i have going here and would love to see it work.

    1. Investor quote : ''i don't see eye-to-eye with you any more and i lost money on the investment''

    Have you really? You invested with the coin of your choice, you got daily dividends in that coin, dividends which would allow you to compound your earnings and multiply them even more, and if you want to get out and sell your asset, you can simply put it up for sale at 0.000001 BURST or HZ less than i am. The asset is quite active and there are plenty of sales. Your order will be gobbled up in no-time. It's ok that an asset issuer and investor don't share the vision at all times. It happens a lot. The idea is that the two can part ways in a good manner in this case.

  • I will never let them go MWUHAHAAH! hai guys 😃 looks like a party in here!