BURST Coin transfer to C-CEX...

  • I was trying to send my burst coins to C-CEX. Clearly, I need help to do it as it is for the very first time. I wanted to finalise the transaction within two hours from now, latest, as I need to perform an exchange internally (within C-CEX).

    Please help.

  • @Ndabezitha When you sign in on C-CEX you have to click the "ledger" button on your left, then search for "burst" in the Filter box and generate a new address in burst label. A burstcoin address should appears: that's your deposit address. You have to simply make a transfer from your wallet to this one to start trading... But maybe I'm late on that, sorry mate

  • @Dario's-wallet : My Burst address was generated a long time ago. I was trying to do a transfer yesterday. My burst wallet was depleted by the transfer, but the burst account in C-CEX, as I speak, still does not reflect it!


  • Also, I am concurrently trying to take the matter up with C-CEX. In the support ticket, they ask for a "Transaction ID". Do we have such when we make transfers from our burst wallets?