BurstCoin - To the Moon?

  • BurstCoin - To the Moon?

    i think burstcoin has the potencial to be the next good coin like litecoin, and will perform good in near future.
    whos with me?

  • This is like asking at a trump rally: trump has the potential to be the next good president, who's with me?... I'm with you though. Build that (buy)wall!

  • well i know trump never had potencial. lol and will never have xD

  • PLZ,,dont compare the this Coin with the Conjsa d madre of the politics,,lets keep the Burst cleen

  • The Burst Coin can rise any,,but the Admin needs to come out with something new aswell,,,something outstanding

  • Is Burst is rising yes wen i came on board the price were 40 today is 64 stay inform do not miss the boat![alt text](image url)

  • I came on board in January I think, and the price was 16... lol, so a lot has happened since then. 🙂 I share your optimism, and I think we will all be happy that we supported this great coin, which is more than just a coin.

  • @bytheseaster My understanding is that there is no Admin in BURST, simply there are a team of developers that came on board and they are constantly working in upgrading BURST Applications, if anyone wants to create or help create something outstanding could always offer their help to them or presenting some project to the community... When someone present some project that could be something real great for the coin, usually appears people interested and with capabilities of helping that project because this is one of the best communitys that i've experienced to be insert too, and i think we are all in the same boat...

    @KeenHero The potential has with no shadow of doubts, maybe even greater than bitcoin in like, let's say, 5-7 years... xD
    When i found BURST it was at 45 satoshis i think (almost 2 months ago) and has already break over 60 so it's evaluating...
    When i found burst I remember to think that a good goal would be like 100 satoshis until 31st December but now i think it's possible to go over that maybe to 120 satoshis until that date.
    The thing that would values BURST a lot is if some big online or real company start accepting BURST as payment, so if you know some people with online stores that could start accepting BURST as payment, you should talk to them, or maybe even start some online business and charge in BURST, that way you will win BURST by whatever you are selling and by the value of this coin and of course there is the investments inside BURST... xD

  • admin

    Something about the relationship between price and (core) development, because I read and hear it sometimes:

    Even if we develop the best and latest software, the best tech into this coin, the price won't rise.
    Some great developers made Automated Transactions for Burst (which enabled Crowdfunding and other Smart Contracts - long before others) and price didn't rise at all. We made a decentralized exchange with Qora possible - price and markets didn't care (and frustrated some developers...).

    The Core is developed and working. Sure there will be improvements in stability and speed, but nothing groundbreaking will expect you and certainly markets won't care.

    What made the price rise this year is you. YOU. You as a community, helping each other, building projects on top of the blockchain. Creating real value with this monetary system. Using the tools that got developed many months ago.

    Markets care about a community that is alive, about Websites like burstgames.com, Asset Exchanges, Number of Pools, Android Wallet + Android Mining, Volume on Exchanges, transactions per day, Number of Nodes, Distribution, new wallets per day and Burst sent per day.

    There is a whole Market / Shop System with feedback function implemented in the Burst code and nobody is using it.

    So keep on kicking community and make the price go in the direction you want. 🙂

  • @daWallet That is what i forget to say xD It's not only the developments that are there or that are being made it's what people make with that development matter... Remember that bitcoin starts being accepted as payment after the start of a online drug store but then people that runned businesses start to see the value of the coin raising (because of that payment acceptance) and they start accepting payments in bitcoin too...

  • There are lot of things people can do to boost burst value. Depends on what kind of talent you got.

    I wish I was a Talented Developer, I would have come up with 'Paid to Play' RPG Game with Burst Coin being the Game Currency (You know what I mean) ... This way you can attract lot of young population to invest in Burst to make more money.

  • @Castiel That is a real great idea maybe if some dev create a game for android, apple or PC could use BURST as coin. Worst case scenario just advertised BURST xD

  • admin

    The youtube videos have and had great impact on Burst. Sadly there are no new uploads anymore.
    Everybody got talents and can contribute somehow.

  • @gpedro I even tried Github for some source scripts to start with... But its been a while (5+ Years) I have not worked on any PHP stuff & finding it difficult to restart because of my real life job....

    But just to mention, create more awareness about Burst Coin (Only Mineable Coin using HDD) among people. So we get bigger community. With Bigger community will come more Developers, Business, Traders etc. All these will lead to more demand for Burst Coins & it will keep pumping up. Never seen so many people online before 🙂

    alt text

  • Also ... Since @Zeus did a good job & we saw that Burst coins did pump after he launched BurstGames, Now I am counting on @crowetic for many reasons. He came up with the concept of Silver Backed Assets, wherein the future Assets may be exchanged for Silver which means 'Real World Item Transfer' ... How is still the question. But I am 100% sure he must have some plan for this. But if that works, He or anyone else may also come up with Online Mart to sell storage devices & other mining related items (to be purchased via BURST) ... Just another IDEA !!

  • @Castiel I've tried github for many projects of mine BURST related too but i don't had much luck with that...

    @allIf there is any webdeveloper around there that want to start with some projects i have a lot of ideas, and @Castiel looks to be one of that idea guys just like me xD

  • @daWallet i been posting video for Burst on steemit, reddit, and youtube

  • One more point to mention, Especially for all the Big Miners -
    If possible, Dont Dump your BurstCoins on Exchanges.

    Then what to do ?
    Buy Assets & support the community.

    How that will benefit you ?
    You get % returns in form of Dividends, which means more BurstCoins (Over & above Initial Investment). Also since you are holding your BurstCoins in form of Assets & not dumping them on exchanges .... It means less supply & more demand, pumping the price of the BurstCoin on exchanges.
    So after a while, you can sell your Assets to get more Burst Coins as compared to your Initial Investments thereby enjoying more $$

  • @Castiel said in BurstCoin - To the Moon?:

    There are lot of things people can do to boost burst value. Depends on what kind of talent you got.

    I wish I was a Talented Developer, I would have come up with 'Paid to Play' RPG Game with Burst Coin being the Game Currency (You know what I mean) ... This way you can attract lot of young population to invest in Burst to make more money.

    How about the community do a crowdfunding and buy a share of an RPG game that's gonna be released? And then the in-game trading currency would be burst. Hmm, if anyone or a team can pull that off, it would be a good PR.