Overlapping Plots

  • Hey Everyone I hope you are all having a great day!
    I just did an auto plot with the windows wallet plotter and now I get the following message when I mine...
    ![alt text](0_1472142772510_overlapping.png Is there a way to fix this without having to start over?? If I do have to start over, is there a way to fix the starting and ending nonces with the auto plotter?

    Thank you in advance

  • admin

    @Redmogul The autoplotter won't normally create overlaps. Did you add a drive that caused your drive letters to change ? You're going to have to delete one of the plots and recreate it, but daWallet will have to advise which one to delete. I'm thinking the G: one shoud be starting at 700000001 not 600000001, but he'll be able to confirm.

  • admin

    I would advice you to replot the smaller one.

    Looks like G: is the smaller plot. If you plot again on G: your plot files should automatically start with 7, not with 6.

  • is there any other way to keep the overlapt plotts,,,are the they in any way bad for the mining when you have them??

  • i dont remeber ,but i think it was Luz how said that they couldd bee kept,,they just show up and did no harm when mining

  • admin

    @bytheseaster You can keep the over lapped plots, but depending on how overlapped they are you could be wasting a lot of space. In RedMoguls case it's overlapped by 2.5TB

  • The plot thickens.... er overlaps rather.

  • Hey everyone thank you for responding...I got called into work and just got home. I did add another drive and it did change the drive letters. I will re plot the smaller drive. Would I avoid this in the future if I just changed the letters back to how they were before the new drive is added?

  • I just use blagos cpu plotter, never overlaps, and don't have to input lots of numbers and stuff, but if you know how to use the gpu plotter its faster I think, I don't even know if you can change em back, @haitch can you just change em back?

  • This thing happened to me too days ago. I'm still in the process of replotting my the overlapped. I won't tell you how much overlapped they are. It will just take me a week to replot them. 😉 Anyways, it's gonna be all right. We are in good friends here. 😃