[ANN] BitRising - A Different Shape of Crowdfunding

  • Hey guys. I roughly finished the project. It is mostly working but still need to implement and improve. Since I'm not a professional programmer I'm doing my best.

    The project is based on another crowdfunding site: www.crowdrising.net

    I took the concept, reduced the joining cost to dust (~0.06$) and trimmed extra features which non-crypto currency features.

    Please check crowdrising website first, see how it works (there are introduction videos and slides), then read our project website FAQ section, then if you think this is gonna work, if makes sense for you, then take your place in the project. 🙂

    Here is the project link: http://goo.gl/h9HlVZ (Yes it is a free domain name. For the beta testing period we will continue under that free address.)

    Note 1: Since morning I'm thinking about a proper announcement post for bitcointalk forums. Volunteers who can make a proper announcement post are welcome. 🙂
    Note 2: Please make a (positive or negative) comment below.

  • Not even a comment? -sigh-

  • @moonjeina most of the world works on a 24hr cycle, wait at least a day for some response, there's still a relatively small group of committed people here and we are trying to grow our community. Maybe you wont see responses right away? Im new to this sort of crowdfunding crypto style, i don't have much to say other than keep your chin up and keep on keeping on. People thrive in a positive environment and what you're doing here is something that might benefit everyone.

  • @Driknar you got a point. Just, if you read my posts on forum, I'm passing a difficult period of time here. I wasn't like this, but because of the developments in negative way lately in my country made me little impatient and nervous. My behaviour is not on purpose. Trying not to die every day is little hard.

    However you are right 100%. I need to wait at least 24 hours to see results. Thank you for reminding. And sorry if I made negative signals. 🙂

  • Update:

    Little bug on downline count calculation fixed.
    This post added to Contact link

  • @moonjeina So this is like a Bubble scheme or a pyramid scheme... but you don't need to wait that 5 more people come and pay that bubble because it's always your bubble with always the exact same people... My question is, why not do this in BURST instead of Bitcoins, since Crowdrising already pays in bitcoins too... Right now the big difference of this to them is the lower investment...
    I support this cause, don't misunderstand me i just think that should be something that works with BURST and i think that way you will have much more support in our community, i've thinked in do a bubble game asset too when i was with my calculations of game assets but didn't came up with something that could secure some level so we can restart the machine sometime in the future and this could not be like a scheme xD But i'm still thinking in someway i could do it xD

  • Yep it look like a pyramid scheme. Bubble has little difference. When you level up, you change your next level sponsor, so you leave from my group. This way is more dynamic and gives people to freedom for selecting their sponsor. This part is different than CrowdRising. Another difference, like you said the entering cost. There you need to give 20 $, here 0.06 $. I set this low price because anyone can join without worry to lose (for paranoia level skeptics especially). 🙂 The cost is just one day work on faucets.

    Why I didn't use BURST? This is the question. 😉 I didn't use BURST because I didn't want to make doubts about BURST since my website is so amateur. But still I have the idea to use BURST "after I got professional website". I've been thinking to get help from professional web designer (or web design company) and pay them from the donations I got from the amateur website. I mean by site works and people start to make money, I will have the money to hire professional web developer. Then after the site and system become perfect, I will make BURST based website, too.

    I know BURST community give much more support than other communities but the truth is we are still a small community. I decided bitcoin because if there are 50 people using BURST, there are 5 million people using bitcoin. This is another main reason I used bitcoin instead of BURST.

    The biggest reason behind I started this project is I want to build a decent amount and get out of this country "ASAP". I'm afraid my words will be look like some whining, some beggar words. But I'm living in a country where has war and terrorist attacks. Last night a police station blowed up by RPG rockets. Yesterday a politician saved from assassination in last minute. Day before that a "9 MONTHS OLD BABY" got raped. In same day a military station got attacked. Day before that an 13 years old kid go into a wedding and blowed himself up. Every day is like hell. I don't know how much time left I have. Will I die by a terrorist yesterday in street tomorrow? Will someone shoot rocket to home tonight?

    Also there are financial crisis the president bring upon us. I'm not working, can't find a job since almost a year. The savings account dried up. Yesterday I used to the last penny to pay internet bill, so tomorrow I can't even buy a bread to eat. I know some people would say "having internet is luxury" in this situation, but without net I can't make projects to at least heal the situation. My family and I have opposite political view since generations. So finding a job is almost impossible. Especially government entered our bedrooms and dictating how many children we should make etc. Being alive target just because of I'm not muslim is the extra.

    So, pyramid or bubble, this is maybe the only way that I can raise funds an get out of this country and save my mom, my sister and myself. I'm doing this project for our lives, not for just money.

    Ok, I started to cry, lets stop here. I'm sorry if I used aggressive language without notice; if I did, it wasn't on purpose.

  • @moonjeina Hey man thanks for your detailed explanation, i understand your problems, i'm without a job for 3 months now and things are getting complicated for this sides too.

    Regard to use BURST, i understand that you want to reach a lot of people in the first, but you shoud defenetly build BURST into this in the future and that way you will rise the value of BURST too xD

    When you are looking into a professional design to build this site up you could use fiverr.com (there's some pretty good deals there and you could always start selling some services or products of yours there to make some money too)... I could help you with my knowledge (it's not much knowledge, but i will help with witch i can) building the site too, just let me know if you need me.

    I've been affected by your life experiences in this lasts weeks and i'm real sorry things are the way they are but you get your head up and believe that you will make out of it (the question should be when and not if could be possible!) and if you come to Portugal when you can leave there maybe we can grab some beers (here never nothing happens and we have a lot of sun... xD) ;P

  • I started a fundraiser to cover programmer price. Here is the link: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1818/fundraiser-for-the-bitrising-project

    @gpedro thanks for the advices 🙂 Beer seems a good idea 😉

    I also applied the USA Green Card lottery yesterday, wish me luck 🙂

    About using BURST in the project instead of bitcoin now makes sense. To be honest I can tell it will skyrocket the BURST value after we launch the website succesfully.