Confused by red line in miner program...

  • Here's a screenshot of the red line that says: "nonces (0) must be > = 8".


    I originally had a mismatch problem after plotting my latest hard drive, I fixed that with the plotschecker program, but this red line remains. I've been mining and receiving payouts so I think it might not matter. It's just bothering me. Is it a plotting issue?

  • admin

    @spread67 You've got a bad plot file. If you checj the directories with plots you'll find a 0 byte file. Delete it.

  • OK, great, thanks!

  • OK , this is where my computer ignorance comes to the forefront. I looked under the Burstwallet directory and found two files that had 0 kbyte. Their names were "nxt.log.1.lck" and "nxt.log.lck". Are these maybe the bad plot files your talking about? I don't want to delete anything important that's going to mess up the Burst client.

  • @spread67 The bad plot files are inside your C:\Burst\plots directory. Not those log files 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply. I looked in the C:\Burst\Plots directory as you said. There are four fairly large files, none of them are 0 bytes. So perhaps my problem is something different? As I said earlier, I'm still getting payouts from my mining, so maybe this is nothing to worry about, it's just bothering me since something isn't right. If I really shouldn't worry about it just let me know.

  • @spread67 Oh I just noticed you have more drives, if you check in your other plots directories? J:, L: etc, do you see the 0 bytes file?

  • Oh, OK, I didn't even think of that. I'll check. Thanks for the reply.

  • I found the bad file on the newest drive I plotted, deleted it, and now everything works fine. Thanks again for the help!