[ANN]ouncement IceBurst Mining RELEASED

  • Release today @ 12:00pm as announced


    Asset ID: 18006693763131799115

    Assets will be issued at 50 Burst Each, an initial release of 200K units will be available of the 500K generated

    Full Details are available here: http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/1130/pre-ann-ouncement-iceburstmining

    Per Thread https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1150/pre-ann-ouncement-iceburst-mining the only change to the release notes (to be updated) is that the reinvest amount will be 55%.



  • Altcoin mining ftw! It's such a pleasure to see all the different ways Bursters are bringing more value to the entire Burst ecosystem. 🙂 In my opinion, it is one of the reasons why Burst is better than most competing crypto currencies.

  • Congratulations to all that were able to purchase this asset, the initial round was completely sold in 10 hours! The 2nd round will be released later in 2016 but the exact date is still to be determined (estimated currently for Late Nov, Early Dec). We will will complete the Proof of Concept prior to release and will provide again a 72 pre-release notice, so if you didn't get any assets this time there will be more in the future. The gears of progress have started to turn and I am seeking the best communication method to provide status at regular intervals to investors.

    Thank you for your confidence,


  • @IceBurst 10 hours??? WHAT? I would get some but i didn't get there in time...

  • admin

    @gpedro more than 50% sold in 25 minutes ....

  • @haitch That was quite fast...

  • @gpedro I'm not sure if the speed was due to the pre-Announcement, the clearly laid out plan, or the potential of this Asset. I do see some some people trying to flip the asset on the asset exchange already so you could buy some for a premium. What you are willing to pay is up to you, I also see buy orders for less than the initial offer price. If you are a gambler or feel very strongly in this asset it could be a good move.

    As I mentioned there will be another release later this year once we reach the initial milestone, again I will provide a 72 hours pre-release notice so that it's not by pure happenstance. I will also publicly post the results of the asset as time goes by, charts and graphs. I will probably do some real world comparisons as well. For example I may plot the asset growth/dividend chart and then super impose the DOW Industrial on top to provide real world comparisons. That is one of the things I love about Burst, they have real world value when converted to BTC and then used at vendors or converted to the FIAT currency of your choice (which I would recommend against, that's why we do crypto-coins). This is where I could write something about "This is the best asset ever" but I have no factual evidence of that so I'll refrain. 😉 The numbers will speak for them selves.

    Hope This Helps,


  • @IceBurst I'm loving your approach to the general public, and i think all asset issuer should be impartial with personal opinions unless they say "...that is just my opinion...", and very clear to the asset holders so that all informations be explicit for all and you are in the right way sir... I will invest in this in the future for sure...

  • @Iceburst @gpedro I'm sure the way IceBurst is handling this was the main reason this sold out so fast. Clearly laid out plan, pre-Announcement so people were ready to buy (informed). All in all, in my honest opinion, the way to approach an asset. The numbers will speak for themselves 🙂 Good luck on all the endeavors.