Raspberry PI 3

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new to Burst coin and cryptos in general. I am an accountant whom fell into this and I have been fascinated since the start. This may be a dumb question but has anyone tried to use a raspberry PI 3 connected to their storage to mine? I only have a 5TB drive and I was curious if I could run it off of the PI. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!

  • @mrusso
    Read this thread: http://forums.burst-team.us:4567/topic/786/raspberry-pi-miner

    TL:DR, There is a bug in the problem used to mine with, so you are unable to mine with a raspberry pi.

  • Thanks, that helped a lot. I have 5TB free and my laptop is the only thing that can run my external because my desktop is to old and now I have learned my PI wont work. Any advice? or just buy a better desktop since I dont want to run my laptop non stop lol.

  • Have you actually tried it on your old desktop? It could be that it does the job even though it is old.

  • @Propagandalf

    Yes I have tried it on my old desktop. It gets confused then blows up lol no but seriously it wont work with it. I am working on obtaining another desktop nothing fancy just able to run my external. I would have liked to use my rasp but sucks that wont work out. On average how much capacity are people running to mine burst? Im starting off with a small 5tb just to see how this works if I like it I may add some more drives.

  • @mrusso Sounds like a good idea then, lol, don't wanna blow yourself up for a measly 5 TB 🙂 I have 6.5 TB mining myself, and it earns me some coins every day. I'm happy with that, but will maybe buy more at a later stage!

  • @mrusso i don't know if it's possible but if you can get an android version on your raspberry pie you can try the new Android Wallet (plotting and mining is at beta testing phase right now)...
    P.S.: If you want to try it contact @daWallet

  • @gpedro thanks for the input. Any suggestions on some cheap hardware I can pick up to run my external solely for burst mining? My external is a 5tb usb 3.0 seagate

  • @mrusso Not really xD my only suggestion is if you want to to run a lot of external disks, it's better if all the disks are USB 3.0 because of the reading speeds... But of course the main word is Tb's so your biggest concern should be the biggest plot you get not the reading speeds! LOOL