What's happening in the pool when..

  • Hello community,
    When I mine on the pool, say for example pool.burstcoin.eu I see when the pool identifies a block and it lists all the miners and their shares (on the left side of the page with the timer).
    Sometimes if the timer says 10 hours remaining or sometimes even 1 hour remaining, it suddenly disappears and a new block comes in the picture.
    What exactly is happening here and why does the block with a bigger time disappear and a new block comes into picture ?
    Does it mean that the block which disappeared was taken away by some other pool and this pool was not successful in mining it ?

  • admin

    @Abhijitap Yes, the list shows the best times for each miner on this pool. If the block goes away and another starts it means another pool or miner one that block, and now we're starting on a new one.

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