Coins missing from my wallet and wrong burst address? Help!

  • I'm having some issues. now when i enter my local host account with my passphrase everything is gone and my account is showing a new Burst Account ID, what happened to my account?

  • @johnny00 That means you don't have the same Passphrase, make sure you don't have any spaces at the end or your text or similar, try to write it without doing a copy/paste and see if that works. Every single character in the passphrase is used to generate your Burst Account.

    Hope it helps 😃

  • @Zeus Whew thanks figured out, i had too many folders on my account. Heart attack.

    is it better to use the GUI and just load the passwords when i load my wallet. I'm currently using local host web wallet. should i use GUI?

  • @johnny00 I normally use the GUI and save my password there (for most of my accounts), it's easy to use and the passwords are encrypted.

  • @Zeus Do i need to set a name where is says "no name set"

  • @johnny00 The name helps to know who you are, for example when you send Burst and in some websites, including and some online Pools. But it's not required. I still think it's a good idea to have a name in the account 😛

  • @Zeus thanks for you quick replies. Would you have the same name for all of your wallets? I'm new but really like this coin and invested some already

  • @johnny00 I don't have the same name on the wallets because I like to maintain order and it will only complicate things and maybe cause you to forget in what account you really are, also remember that at first you need to make at least one transaction, changing your burst wallet name count as a transaction 🙂 I'm not 100% sure but I think you can have the same name on multiple wallet addresses, someone correct me if I'm wrong 😃

  • You could, for example, call one, Personal, and another Work, or stuff like that, I have one that is personal, one I use for my account "Zeus" and two for my site "" and for the assets "Burst Games Assets" like that I always know what account I'm looking at and like that in Zeus I can buy goods from other users, without risking buying from "" for example, because that is the bank of my site, not my money.

  • @Zeus thanks now i have another issue. i transferred an asset to a new wallet and i saw it there but when i exit and go back in nothing is there and account showing 0 balance