Blockchain download never finishes

  • Hi guys,

    I mined a few Burst and all of a sudden it stopped working. It may have been due to abrupt power outage im not sure.

    However my wallet has been downloading the blockchain forever. I tried to download it manually but still nothing.

    I have like 4000 burst and 6TB of drives I need to plot.

    A few other things:

    • Im running Wallet 1.2.3
    • I downloaded the new wallet but I get a java error ( i have latest java )
    • this computer is an active ETH miner with 1 x 1TB drive and 1x 5TB drive

    I have 2 10TB more I want to bring online but I need to solve this before I do.


  • Thats the wallet I have

  • @Burstminer What problems have you met downloading the blockchain? For me, from the burst site(, it works...

  • @Burstminer try download it manually trough and extract it to %AppData%\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db (AppData folder is hidden) and i think you should run the new wallet that one will fork sooner or later, probably you have to tell the wallet where to look for the Java... Sorry, i can't help you with that but i know i already seen something like that here in the forum?!

  • admin

    @gpedro the download at will not work with a 1.2.3 wallet, you 1.2.6

  • @haitch Thanks for the correction...
    So @Burstminer you have to upgrade for the 1.2.6 version and look for the commands to get your Java finded by the client... Look for @luxe 's posts, i'm pretty sure it was a post of him that i seen with these commands.

  • admin

    @gpedro 0_1472696096235_run.bat Or use this bat file instead. Rename it to run.bat and replace the existing one in the appdata folder. This one will find java if it's installed.

  • @haitch i thought it was a bat somewhere... Thanks man
    @Burstminer you heard him... xD

  • Hi guys so I downloaded the full 1.2.6 burst wallet installed, pasted my same wallet key as before.

    Once logged my 4000 burst was no longer there, also the blockchain said it needed to be downloaded again but from 0.

    I closed burst and closed it in the tray. Pasted the downloaded burst db mentioned above and reopened burst. Same thing.

    I left it downloading the blockchain for now but this sucks! I love burst but i feels a little tricky maybe its just me.

    Can't wait to get it running with my full 17TB !


  • @Burstminer Did you extract the zipped database files, and put them in the burst_db file? If you did it right, there should be at least one file you are asked to replace. And when you do so, you should see that the file you just put there is several GB big.
    Just to be precise: you need to put the content of the folder you downloaded (the files) in burst_db, and not the entire folder that you downloaded, I did that once and it does not do anything.

  • Yeah I downloaded it an extracted to the %AppData%\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db

    It did replace a few files but it still says downloading blockchain, its about a quater done so maybe it did update the blockchain.

    Im using a file from 1 week ago that I had downloaded.

    Once the blockchain is downloaded I need to plot the drives. I know this process takes a long long time. I had a few issues before when my computer would restart in the middle of the process.

    Is there a way I can use my GPU's to plot the drive faster? and then start mining from within burst 1.2.6?

    Ill keep you guys updated on the blockchain download.


  • @Burstminer Sure there is it's name is GPUplotgenerator...
    if you download the file from that file is no longer than 24h updated so it will only download the new 24h on the blockchain... with a week ago file you will have to let the program download an entire week of blockchain and will take a lot of time xD just redownload it manually from and let the client download the last 24h of the blockchain...