VPN affect BURST mining?

  • As title says, does VPN affect with BURST mining? I'm currently using a VPN service from AIR VPN.
    Whenever I use the VPN service to mine BURST from my work computer, all of found block confirmations says "not confirmed". However, when I turn off the VPN, everything works fine.

    I'm using pool.burstmining.club and I've opened the port 8124. TCP/UDP from the AIR VPN software.

    Please advise...

  • @mterrenal I think a VPN setting doesn't affect the mining process: probably the fact is that your deadlines arrive correctly to pool, but you cannot receive the submission confirmation from pool.burstmining through VPN... To ensure this check if there is your not confirmed deadline in the pool site "Current Share" list.

  • @mterrenal i think you should have to set up as proxy in the miner.conf but i'm not sure...