Re-plotting your hard drive when your burst account reward receipt is no good.

  • I think I really messed up my account. I'm really dreading plotting the hard drive again.

    alt text

    In my chaotic start, I didn't create a wallet, used my passphrase to login into the client and plotted my hard drive. Oh, and in my noobish ways, I thought it would be a great idea to uninstall and then re-install the client. Don't ever ask me to cook...

    Now, I'm not overly attached to my initial account. It barely has anything in there. So, I don't mind having to create another account if I have to. My concern is having to re-plot my 1TB external hard drive, which last time, took me over 28+ hours.

    Oh, and I did try and mine with the original plot (why not right) and received this message,
    "Your burst account reward receipt <my old burst Address> does not match pool's account <I assume the pool account address>.

    Am I getting this message because my account is screwed up? Do I have to re-plot my hard drive? Or, can I somehow use a new burst address, with a new wallet, to mine on the existing plotted drive? I haven't used the plotted area of the drive yet.

    If yes, is there another way to plot the hard drive without having to spend 28+ hours on it?

  • admin

    @socalguy You're getting that message because you haven't set your reward assignment to that pool, or you have, but 4 blocks havent passed.

    If you haven't set the assignment, goto , and fill in the last two fields only, then hit submit. You'll get a response of about 7-8 lines of code - thats the confirmation. 4 blocks later, you can mine on the pool.

  • @socalguy It's really simple to solve you don't have to replot but i loved the way you described what you are feelling xD