After 24 Hour mining and Decreasing Pool site Stats

  • hi guys!

    I am new here and I'd like to ask why is it that I don't received yet my payout despite I am mining for more than 24 hours now.

    I also noticed that my pool stats sharing is now decreasing from yesterday. Even though I constantly having confirmed dl, my stats is now decreasing. Is that normal if this is our first time to mine burst?


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    @fresto Which pool are you mining on, how big is your plot ?

  • @haitch said in After 24 Hour mining and Decreasing Pool site Stats:

    @fresto Which pool are you mining on, how big is your plot ?

    hi haitch and thank you for your reply. Mining on I am just testing the water and mining with 0.1TB plot

    P.S.: now my stats at is: 0.1TB 0.015% 0.18 3D + 0 that number keeps changing.. yesterday it was .47 now it goes to .18 few hours ago, .00**

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    @fresto Currently you've earned 3 Burst - thats less than the estimated 11/day, but that's a long term average - day to day is very variable, so don't worry about that. I'm not sure if there is a minimum payment level, but there is a 1 burst per transaction fee charged by the blockchain, so it's possible you haven't reached a minimum payout threshold.

  • ok.. thanks.. this proves that .1 TB is not ideal for mining and if we have only that amount of space, we'd rather go for faucet instead. Anyway, may I ask how to know my earnings, you said I earned 3 burst now?

    another thing, if I'll temporarily stop mining now and turn off my system, would I still be credited on that 3 burst? I mean, I see some 30 day deadlines and all those days, does that mean, I'll continue until reaching those days or once it is already confirmed, no need to wait and evevrything is credited already?

    Thank you for the fast reply and help.

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    @fresto Goto and in the right hand column find your name - it'll show your earnings over time. 0.1TB is enough to mine with, there's been at least one block found on that pool by a pool smaller than that. Hitting a block will pay 1,500+ Burst. We have devs working on mining on phones which will have less than 0.1 TB

  • @haitch thanks so the 3D (I though the D is days - what does "D" mean?) is my earnings. what does this mean: 3D + 0?

    Also, in that pool, it says that the threshold is 300 burst or after 24 hours so I'd expect anytime today. Question, if I'll stop my mining now, that 3 burst is guaranteed already up to the confirmed dl's prior my stopping, right?

    By the way, after this testing and successful payout, I will buy 2TB external to start mining with bigger plot.

  • @haitch @fresto I've actually mined on my android with just 1Gb plotted xD

    P.S @fresto .: you know you have earned 3 because of the 3D that says there...

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  • @haitch got it.. thank you very much! 🙂

    @gpedro that is nice. I am planning to have several 2 TB externals and mine all of them in my unused old personal computer. I am now just testing with .1 TB and I am not planning to go smaller plot size than that..