Host Upgrades

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    I'm doing upgrades to all my VMware hosts tomorrow. I'm hoping to do it with no downtime of any of the VM's, but if any site I host (the team, .biz and .eu pools, the forums here, the www site and multiple language translations etc) are down - Don't Panic. Any outage will be brief. I'm expecting the upgrade to improve the responsiveness and performance of all the sites.

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    I'm doing additional upgrades tomorrow. The SSD's I bought for the hosts for the last upgrade wouldn't fit - I've had to fall back to SAS/SATA SSD instead of NVMe. Again, the upgrade should not involve any downtime - but if a site is down - DON'T PANIC - if I had to take a guest down, it'll be back up ASAP.


  • Thanks @haitch and as always, you do an amazing job. I too will be updating all of my VMware servers in the near future, partially thanks to @haitch for selling me some hardware.

    I'm looking to move to 3 separate locations, plus potentially up the internet connection at another, and potentially one other. Helping to decentralize even my own setup.

    I will post more about my updates and what will happen during that time, when I've taken more time to get it figured out. Most of the stuff here is hosted by haitch, so my updates should hardly affect anything.