CF to get visitors from fiverr for other CF

  • Hey guys. I came with another weird (and probably stupid) idea. 🙂

    If I make a crowdfunding request on BURST CF service for around 35 $ equals, then buy "promote crowdfunding campaign" gig on fiverr to promote my real CF on generosity, would it be reasonable tactic?

  • @moonjeina I think you might be a circle loop logic fault. If I ask people for money, so I can spend it to ask other people for money who makes money? Sounds to me like you are paying someone have others to ask for money for you. I think a more creative idea (and probably more lucrative) would be to offer a service in the market place that is paid with burst. Here is an example of a guy on Fiverr that gets paid $5 for yelling your name into a bush.

    While it appears he may not have a ton of customers it does appear some people buy his services. Think of something like this that is a digital release and charge burst. If people convert fiat currency to Burst to buy your service that is the ultimate win for both you and the community.

    Just a Thought

    -- IceBurst

  • @IceBurst That was my idea when i talked about making a Fiverr-ish and EBay-ish websites...

  • circle loop logic fault. Yea I might be. 🙂 The idea came up because of we know our community isn't financially strong, and there are some people promotes fundraiser to their social networks. So, I thought I could achieve my goal in this way.

    I was also thinking about offer a service idea and almost open a booth on fiverr (gig for I will donate 2$ to the buyer's CF campaign, so his/her CF will be more visible and I'll earn few bucks). Then I realized I cannot sell anything since our government banned Paypal and other international services. eBay, fiverr using "only" Paypal.

    Thanks for the answers and comments. 🙂