Is my miner running slow?

  • Can someone look at the screenshot of my miner and see if my drives are running slower than normal? I have three drives ( 6.7T) and they usually run between 15 and 18 MBs. I was looking at the results of other miners in the pool I'm in and it seems that comparably sized users are earning about two to three times the payouts that I've been getting. I usually earn not more than 300 bursts per day with my almost 7T.

    I'm just wondering if my system is slower than average and if it is can I do anything so speed it up. My computer is a few years old and only has USB2 instead of USB3 which may be a factor. I think my two external drives run at 5400 rpm instead of 7200. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I've seen screenshots of miners on this forum with much higher MB/s rates. Hopefully my screenshot is big enough to read - I seem to always have trouble pasting screenshots. Thanks for any info!


  • admin

    Looks good. Under 1 minute read time is good enough. With more TB I would recommend you to upgrade to USB 3. If you have an computer you can buy a USB 3 card for 15 € or less. Notebooks can be upgraded to USB 3 with express cards even cheaper.

  • OK, thanks, I'll look into that.