Blue-Beards Original Wash for Burstcoins!!!

  • Marketplace ID: BURST-QL23-F2NC-W9C5-8WZMB
    Traditional shampoo can dry the skin underneath your beard and facial soap leaves sticky residue behind. Its Extra-Conditioning Beard Wash uses aloe and conditioning agents to cleanse and soften your facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath. The gentle, sulfate-free formula fights frizz and flakes while enhancing natural shine, leaving both beard and face clean, soft and smelling great.
    Its extra-conditioning beard face wash is blended with aloe and conditioning agents to soften and smooth the wildest of beards. This Extra-Conditioning Beard Wash fights frizz and flakes while enhancing natural shine. These beard tamer anti-frizz products have a gentle, sulfate-free formula. Formulated for sensitive skin. Tested on real beards.
    I’m only asking for 50000 Burstcoin which is around $15 USD. The item cost $25 in stores but due to Burst fans, a discount will be given. I’m also asking for 11000 Burstcoin for shipping which is around $3.50 and the rest will come out my pocket.

    Please leave address and name if you purchase item!!!! Go Burstcoin.
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  • @bvadams1835 Cool man that's the way to raising this coin to the top! Actual buys happening in the market. Thanks to came up with something man?!

  • I'm trying....I want to be a burstcoin Millionaire and one day it hit $1 per coin!!!! LOL

  • I have been on an asset buying spree, otherwise would have defo gotten one right away (times for washing my beard will come though). Love to see these kinds of initiatives. To be sure, can people from Europe (Netherlands in my case) order too? Good luck on the project, with the discounts you are giving I'm sure this will get enough attention 🙂

  • @bvadams1835 I am waiting for it to hit atleast $500 Per Coin, So that I can be richer than you lol

  • @BurgerBaron Yes anyone from anywhere can buy it.