USB 3 vs. USB 2

  • This is a follow-up question to one I posted earlier about my mining being slower that it could. How much of an improvement would USB3 be over my current USB2 - would it be worth it to by a USB3 card? Also, I'm using the default choice for mining. My client won't run either the OpenCL or the AVX options for some reason, which is a problem I'll look at later. Are either of those two choices much faster than the default choice? Sorry if these are basic questions.

  • @spread67 i don't think you should notice big changes on AVX but of course should be a little bit faster, the OpenCL miner should be a little bit faster than AVX...

    If you buy a USB3 card probably you will notice a big difference on your reading speed yes! If it worth depends on the amount of drives you are mining with... Until total of 1 min reading time on each block you should be alright

  • Thanks for the response. Right now I'm using the space on my computer's hard drive, plus 2 external drives, with plans to get at least one more. So I think I will invest in a USB 3 card, I think they're mostly under $20 on Ebay and other places.

  • @spread67 your external harddrives probably contain SATA harddrives. You could try to carefully dismantle you external harddrives and put them inside your pc and use the even faster SATA interface. I don't know if that extra speed will be worth it over usb 3.0 though. But if you want to use a faster interface, you could as well put m inside your PC.

  • OK, thanks for the info!