Any new assets with monero (or monero like coins)

  • Hello Friends!

    I am sure that many of you have been following monero's recent rise. I am curious to know if any one of the big guns here are thinking of quickly coming up with an asset that invests in the coins like monero ( in general coins that are trending higher) ? I understands that this will need close supervision on the market. But had to ask guys!


  • @samreader1 I wonder if some Asset Issuer then bought Monero as a part of Alt Coin backed Assets ...
    He/She will make good money now 😃

  • @Castiel I really hope they did and made our fellow burtsers some money. I'd be very happy for them. I understand that most of the community members has a primary job and day trading/keeping a close eye on the market is almost impossible. But then again, it is more of a curious question. I know @jervis 's new upcoming assets has X% share in trading.

  • I am already doing this with Dynamix, some good profit has been made for the asset holders already, although i'd love new and inventive ways to be using it other ways other than just trading on the open market, on that same note, I am investing in anything I believe to be good profit for my asset holders, if you have any other ideas other than monero i'd love to hear about it! @samreader1 you already knew about this XD, you could have saved me the trouble of posting here bro XD

  • My bad. I sure did...Make us trillions, will ya??

  • @samreader1 Yes, I will buy everyone a trampoline, a gold plated Volkswagen, and a lifetime supply of goldfish crackers. mark my words sir.

  • @samreader1 @Kitsune
    I have taken screenshot of above post .... If @Kitsune doesn't fulfill above promise, I am gonna sue him 😛

  • @Castiel XD trust me, if things go the way I foresee them going, it might not even be a joke anymore. keep your fingers crossed, and buy tons of assets man, buy bsilver and dynamix, and crows other ones, because the way i see things going, gold plated Volkswagen won't even be a huge deal man XD , just think when BURST is a penny each, or even a dollar, can you imagine 1 burst being worth an ounce of silver? that's where my head is at right now, I might be crazy and optimistic, but that's what they say to everyone who has far out ideas, they are crazy, mentally unstable etc, then in 30 years when all their predictions come true, they are now a prophet.

  • Wait, I never thought it was a joke. I am working 3 jobs to buy bursts just because @Kitsune said this (kidding).

    But 'Trust We Burst!'..No Doubt

  • @samreader1 Do not underestimate the power of insanity. There is absolutely no reason why this won't all come to pass. Have faith, Stay positive, we will work day and night to make this insanity.. reality.

  • @Kitsune "In Trust We Burst!"